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why is this happening
Why is what happening? The AO artifacts?
Have you tried using rotate instead of translate?
I mostly dont know what im doing but Im trying to add wights before moving unto unity, but its pulling that shit around when in pose mode
The mouth and eyes are loose geometry. The auto-weighting you did assigned some of the arm bone's weight to them.
Select all those loose parts that shouldn't move with the arm (select just one vertex, then press L), then select the upper arm bone's vertex group in the Data tab of the properties window and click 'Remove' to rid the selected vertices of the arm bone influence.
Continued from >>601419
You should also make sure that the eyes and mouth are neatly weighted to the head bone. Select the loose face parts and the head bone's vertex group from the list and click 'Assign', just to make sure.
Because the auto weighting may have gotten that wrong, too.

All of this is absolute beginner knowledge by the way. Watch one of the many excellent Youtube tutorials about character modeling and rigging.
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its to work, do i have to carefuly select all verts or is that a tool to select a region?
Get in there with weight paints, wireframe, and paint the eyeball to the head bone until it's all red. You'll find it in the vertex groups panel.

After that, go back into pose mode and check to see if it's moving right with the head bone. If it isn't, lower the paint weight until it correctly moves with it
Like I said, select part of the eye/mouth, the press L to select all connected vertices.
This is basic knowledge. Please try to educate yourself.
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steep learning curve, extra eyes and lids still drifting
Just do the same with those.
Also, Youtube.
I must correct myself here. Just hover your mouse cursor over whatever part you need to select and press L.
That's all you need to do.
Then assign the weights.

I'm tired and overworked.
Would be cool if you check out my latest 3d work done in blender https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTY52oVqXP8
this is literally just an issue with weight painting/ vertex weights. Go to the vertex group settings and fix it.

Also pic related

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