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I started getting into this on december of 2016. 2017 was wild so I didn't touch it after that.
Followed a channel with some tutorials. Pic related is part of the exercises.

Is there any way to keep going at this? I feel like grabbing something and making a model out of what I am seeing as practice but I feel like I don't get proportions, size and depth right and then that I am stuck without seeing how to practice or how to move forward with this.

Any advice? I am sure there are other threads about this but I can find anything pertaining 123Design especifically so if you can also talk about this software please do.
no one gives a shit about cads here, my dude
we are all about polygon modeling
Auto desk software aside from Maya is generally disliked here.
I understand.

In any case, my main point is asking for advice.
I am aware that this can be applied to any software but I have only used this one so far and thats why I brought it up.
if you need general advice how to learn new shit that twists your brains - it's all about time and dedication. make a rule for yourself that you practice this cad at least 30 minutes or one hour per day and stick to it at all costs. in few weeks you will start understanding what is going on and in 2 months you will reach "experienced" level. discipline my dude, it's all about discipline. rush never works. only dedicated, monotone grind will push you forward.

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