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File: beheadedmiku.png (122 KB, 686x617)
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I wanted to import this model into vrchat but in pmx editor when I opened transform view the models head and neck fell off, the vectors, the bones, all of it. I don't know if in vrchat the same thing will happen or not.
I tried looking for a tutorial on how to fix this on google but I couldn't find anything.
The model is Bottle Miku by ElviraMoa on Devianart

I'm sorry if this isn't a good place to be asking this question, I just figured at least a few people on this board would know a few things about pmx editor. Please don't be angry at me for posting this.
Never heard of pmx Editor. You should delete this and post in the stupid questions thread because this is a stupid question
>It's a stupid question because you don't know anything about MMD
I doubt you're curious but the file types you can import to MMD are PMD and PMX. PMD is the original file type and PMX is newer. PMX Editor would be the newer version of PMD Editor but they look about the same. It's a program that is made for people to import .x files into to convert to PMD/PMX, as well as edit the model's bones, textures, and anatomy.
start over or pick a different model

>thinking the stupid questions thread is actually for stupid questions and getting offended over somebody telling you not to make useless threads
>not googling "MMD importer for Blender"
try the mmd thread on /e/. sometimes i see them provide tech support if you ask nicely enough.
Import it into VRChat as is, you'll stand out

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