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Beginner that needs some Blender UV help here.

I made a simple vending machine and made all my seams nice so there's no angular distortion. The two back legs however, are SUPER huge and overlapping for some reason and I can't figure out what's causing it. The underside also ended up tiny.

How can I make the UVs neat and sized correctly?
You can just select the part in the UV editor and resize it like you would in any other editor (S to scale and G to grab). It will not affect the actual model. You can also make multiple textures that focus on different parts of the machine instead of making it all on one.
you don't actually unwrap everything at once, like the guy said try to arrange and scale islands

also to fix the overlap just click on the hidden UV and tap "Y" then "G" to move them away
Alright I'll try these, thanks. I guess I just assumed it's better to keep islands to a minimum for some reason.
Go into object mode, press ctrl +a and apply scale / rotation. Should unwrap properly after that
Either that or you're missing an obvious seam, but its hard to see on my phone with your pic
There we go. I made the legs separate islands and fixed the rest by cleaning up some extra edges and remaking faces.

another forum said to do this but it didn't help this time. Kind of annoying to remember.
File: uvunwrapegg.png (49 KB, 371x669)
49 KB
Not OP but I need some help unwrapping my egg. I'm not sure what's the best way to unwrap it. I want to use different kinds of textures to make different painted eggs.
mark a loop anywhere around th egg and create a seam
File: egguv2.png (77 KB, 1024x1024)
77 KB
Thanks, I guess this is good.
make distance between the islands.. and use the place better way..
i want to jump into this thread because i dont know where else to ask this question and i dont want to make a brand new thread for what could be a simple ass question to answer but,
im following a baking tutorial and its describing setting the bake mode to "full render" but perhaps due to it being the newest version of blender i dont see anything of the sort.
did the name of this render change or did it just get kaiboshed in its entirety?
File: questions.png (296 KB, 1765x618)
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296 KB PNG
sorry this was quite the positioning
i was searching keyword blender for blender specific questions like the blender thread a while back
Youre supposed to fix them yourself afterward by moving them around turn on snapmovement for pixel perfect uv maps

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