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You cannot reply anymore.

What do you guys think of this reload?

only complaint is the way the left hand goes back to the barrel after it cocks the gun.
seems weird.
>What do you guys think of this reload?
I think you should get banned at this point.
Not giving you any advices anymore.
I see, gotta work on my hands and fingers(!!)

What do you think about the overall quality? Triple A? Worthy of call of duty?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!
4chan is not your personal blog
Banned from 4Chan? Or banned from life?

'Cause I'm not picky either way with where he's banned from.
Deserves death because he posts videos for critique.
What the fuck nigger why do you make a new thread for each of your shitty reload animations
And then you ask is this good enuff for AAA shooty shooty pistol duty
My reloads aren't shitty,
I knew you were a shitposter. Refrained from posting anything but now it's quite obvious. Sad.
What? What is indictive that I am shitposting? I JUST got done making my animation when I uploaded it on youtube then here.

I don't understand your dipshit reasoning.
can you do a deagle reload?

It has been told to you countless times that you need to stop opening a new thread for every video you make. That is for the WIP general thread, where every other normal person posts. You keep filling up this slow board with garbage topics you abandon after you get few replies, all of which you ignore anyway. This and the fact that you keep repeating "hurrr iz dis AAA yet?" makes me also think you're just a troll, but I'd bet you're just dense.
yeah, he's a shitty shitposter, and he's also shitty-artist.
1. guns
2. he's trying to animate reload sequence for many months...

read the rules you piece of shit. you don't need to trash the place to show us your shitty progress. there is WIP thread for that.
Not a troll, Not dense. I reply to most every reply I get, no one has said put it in the WIP thread, and guess what? It's NOT WIP.
All they ever say is "contain it to one thread" which, I've tried before and no one notices the new videos.
Excuse the fuck out of me for opening up a thread when I make a new animation, apparently to you guys It's a crime worse than murder.

I just want some fucking feedback. What is the skin off your bones of me opening up a thread, right? I used to think /3/ was a place I could go and really spread my wings, but nope. You guys are fucking assholes. I won't be posting here again.

I have no interest in animating anymore.
Dude, people just want you to put these animations somewhere else. You don’t need to quit just because of that. It’s also hard to give criticism on the same kinds of animations that aren’t about the same, and people don’t want to hold your hand everytime you make something. From what I’ve seen, it is work-in-progress if you aren’t sure if it’s 100% finished. Amd if you’re not happy with moving there, just go to some other website.
What is this?
You have 5 threads currently open on /3/. One time you actually posted a new video in the old thread, you got 5+ replies and a few dozen more posts in that thread, so it is just not true that people ignore it. Everybody posts their works in the WIP thread, finished or not. If anyone can figure it out even the first time they come here, why can't you? Stop being so ungrateful when you got more feedback and replies in the last month than anyone else who posts on /3/.
And just one more thing. You can't expect everyone showering you with replies every time you post something. There were times I and other anons posted their works and got 0 replies. It's just how it is. You have to understand that constantly opening new threads looks like a major attention whoring that most people hate. If you don't like it here and how it works, go to Reddit and search for subreddits like Blender, 3ds Max, animation, 3Dmodeling etc and create new posts all the time. They won't mind and you will definitely get more (pleasant) responses (but because it is not anonymous, don't expect them to be completely honest about your work).
Asking if something is AAA or CoD-worthy each time is very childish and unfunny. Stop asking that each time you make something if you want serious criticism, because you aren’t sounding serious yourself.
Don't reply to reload therads
Hide reload threads
Report reload threads
I'm not being ungrateful, I was letting you know why I like to post things seperately, when I make a new animation. I have had experiences where my new animations were ignored because I posted them in a thread about one of my new ones. I don't expect replies and praise. I would like to have people notice things, so I separated them.
I'm not doing it to be funny. It's not childish, either. I was simply wanting to know if it fit a certain industry standard, and a certain style I was going for.

It's like asking, "Is my FX work good enough to be in something like a marvel movie"?
I was setting a bar, and wanting to know If I meant it.

All I wanted was honesty. I never wanted someone to lie to me. I took every critique well, and did my best to work on it.

I thought this place would be perfect for that, since it's 4chan.

I want that record set straight, I appreciated the honesty. I always did.

Either way, sorry I made everyone so upset. Last post.
OP again, just saying

I'm not quiting because I'm pissy, I'm quiting because you guys turned me off of this shit so hard.

I don't enjoy it anymore, and will not be continuing.

Just setting that straight too.

PS: I really liked this place, never did I not. I was never attention whoring either. Just wanted my work to be seen. If you guys did the same thing I did, I would understand and support you. I casted my opinion and support to multiple other threads. I wanted a support system with people I could come to know, even under anonymity.

Do not think I ever took and did not give.

Anyway, seriously this time,last post, covered everything Cya.
Do you maybe have some other animation work that is not reloads?
OP again, I know I said I wouldn't do post, but I am not rude, I'll answer this then I'll leave you all alone

I have experimented with first person character animation/character animation but my passion was reloads. I loved to do reloads so much, and for a while I got good, because I liked it so much I wanted to do nothing else.

Giving the 3d animation game up now. It annoys EVERYBODY, even my real life friends don't like it when I show them my reloads. really fucking dampers my passion. Flame is gone, but I guess that lets me do other stuff right?

Don't know what I'll do now, but I think I don't want to touch animation in general anymore. 2d or 3d

For the best, because I Wasn't getting any community support from UE4, Unity, Reddit, or here, which really disappointed me, because I thought 4chan would be more accepting than the bunch of others. Guess not. Oh well

Anyway, also wanted to clarify, that what I posted, I didn't want my hand held. I never wanted someone to tell me what to do, I just wanted critique. I posted finished animations, and wanted review so I could make my other ones better. Therefore not a WIP, just wanted to show everybody my passion.

What really makes me mad though?

Is that I spent so long at reloads doing them since 2012, I feel like I wasted all my fucking time

Bad day man.
try reddit or tumblr.
better yet, find a 3d animation discord. it better suits what you desire.
i'm not being a shithead when i say that. imageboards are not the place to go for daily feedback on tons of small projects just because of how imageboards work. /3/ especially since this place is so slow.
if this place were /v/ levels of fast what you're doing could be fine. but since it isn't your 5 threads are going to be up for literally months, which can annoy some people here.

also don't give up animation because people here yelled at you. that's fucking retarded.
just stop coming here and find somewhere else to get feedback. in all honesty this place is shit for animation feedback anyway since we have a total of like two animators that browse this place.
File: file.jpg (160 KB, 858x539)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
FFS, stop posting a new thread everytime you touch a curve! Make ONE thread, and post your shit there whenever you've got something new to show. Don't push out good threads with your bullshit.
File: scc00510.png (55 KB, 340x300)
55 KB
Tried Reddit.

I don't want to do the reloads or animation anymore, man. I'm not giving it up because people yelled at me, I'm giving it up because I have lost my love for because of all the negative feedback.

BTW thought i'd share:

You know what my ultimate dream was? Getting a job as a video game reload animator, I made 2 animations a day so I can have a portfolio.

And about me giving up the animations: sorry if it's retarded, but it's just how it is. I feel like shit now, 6 years wasted on stupid reloads, It feels empty when you suddenly stop loving what you were once so fond of. I hope none of you ever feel that. Little tip to people
If you care about someone, or even just to strangers, always show them support. Otherwise you could kill their dreams.
My dream is dead, but I will never stop supporting other peoples dreams.

And about going to another site: Like I said, I don't care about it anymore,

Last thing:

Sorry I ever came here
Sorry I posted frequently
Sorry I made you all mad
Sorry I annoyed everyone with my passion
Sorry I even had this stupid reload shit as a passion.

See ya all, Will never post again, but I'm still gonna lurk, because I have nothing better to do.
I feel you, man. I feel bad now, too. That's a pretty autistic behavior if you ask me, and I started having the same problem with my environments. I can focus on some tiny details so much that people will think I'm crazy. But I, as you, have to realise that's just a tiny piece of environment, and in your case "just" a reload animation for Christ's sake. I can totally understand you wanting to perfect it, and I've also set my standards to be not just AAA, but even better if possible, considering devs need to do their work fast because of the amount of work they have to do, while I can focus and perfect my small scenes. I don't know how realistic it is for somebody to hire you just to do reload animations, but I mean, I guess it is actually possible on huge projects. Eh, I don't know, I'm not in the industry, but either way, yeah, it probably isn't so smart to focus so hard JUST on reloads, especially if you've been doing it for years. I guess it is a good idea to rethink everything once in a while, though.
Fukken kek now this is some advanced shitposting like that guy who only listens to one linkin park song and no other music all day everyday
Also, I don't know what feedback you got on other places, but I don't think your work is bad at all. Be aware that because of the amount of times you opened a new thread, a lot of people here were much more negative towards you and your work. Don't think now that you're bad at it, you just pissed some people off, unfortunately. Also, maybe you could try going to /vg/ - /agdg/ video game general. They are much more active and will also give you some good feedback.
Good riddance faggot
Your reloads were dogshit anyway
>being this buttblasted when someone doesn't like your amateur thing
>not having an inner critic to spot when you are doing garbage
>throwing tantrum when people tell you what you should have seen yourself
Negative comments are to be expected on 4chan as a whole. You have to come here with some sort of thick skin and not think this is your hugbox. I don’t expect anyone here to actually call your work AAA or like CoD or Marvel. Those are some pretty high standards, amd though you could get to them, don’t expect anyone to tell you that for every single piece you make. If it’s great, people will tell you that, don’t fish for compliments.
Shit. People have certain things they like to focus on things all the time. Shouldn't shit on the guy for just wanting to make good gun animations.

He had a new gun/animation each time too. So it wasn't like he was modifying one little part of the animation and reposting it.
I don't think the comparisons match with your thing. There is legitimetly a field for reload animations. Plenty of people focus on it on youtube. Search Hyper, Strifer, ImBrokeRU, Rock, MrBrightside etc. All of these people do reloads and only reloads.
People like Chance Glasco only mostly do reloads for their respective game/position in their company.

Guy wasn't as bad/autistic as you guys made him come off as. Legit aspirations.

That said, it is good to diversify. Like myself. My main focus is sound design, but I dabble in 3D effects. However, I only do those for 2d movies.
Never fished. Wanted legit critique.

Never got offended by you guys saying my reloads were not AAA
You wanna know who was REALLY bad?

If any of you were ever on /co/ about a year ago. You'll know who I'm talking about.
Please give some link/pic. I'm really interested.
If it were really that great, people would be like “Wow OP! This is one of the most realistic animations I’ve ever seen!”. Even then, this would be a pretty ridiculous reaction over a few second animation of arms handling a gun. I’m sure people have said that your animations are nice though, and you shouldn’t push it.
>Being this blind

Something I've noticed about 4chan from monitoring all of this guys + other threads? You guys love to pick a victim and despite what is said or if any evidence is offered to the contrary, you still maintain the popular belief. Even if it's not true. He never got butthurt when someone said his animations were bad. He DID however get butthurt when people kept telling him to kindly fuck off. He was very nice when it came to taking critique. But he never learned from his mistakes. By the way, If you ever owned a G3 clone, you would know that his animations were innaccurate when it came to the stiffness of inserting a magazine into a mag-well with the bolt down.


but seriously, I think that Guardians of the Galaxy was a great movie.

Christ everyone in this thread is a moron. Even me.
He never pushed the envelope, he never phished either. I don't see why you guys keep saying that honestly. He simply made a new thread for every animation he made. Not once did he ever say "You're wrong, I am the best". You guys lack credibility when you accuse people of doing things they didn't do. It makes anyone with half a brain be able to see that you guys start using ad homonyms against people solely for bullying.

His only crime was that he posted to much. He was fairly humble.
ahahahaha, oh man. You should have been there. The creator of the show "the amazing world of gumball" posted shit about jacking off to his own character/stalking a voice actress of said character. He posted EVERY DAY. He was fucking insane. Apparently they retired said character after the stalking incident.
Hey you seem pretty badass! Can we be friends? Will you beat up my bullies? I'm gonna go let my mom know right now that I made a new friend today.
Come on now, OPman. It hurts today, but you'll get over it soon. It happens to everyone, I know how you feel right now. These faggots will come here now and talk shit even more since the thread is so active and noticeable now. Ignore them all, because your work is obviously not dogshit. If you love it so much that you were doing it for years, you won't be able to just stop now. I say, just maybe stop pushing new animations every day and try to perfect a smaller amount of them. If you said you were making 2 animations per day, that would equal crazy amount of animations in your portfolio, which is too much. I'm sorry I can't really tell exactly how close to AAA you are nor can I give you any pro critique since I don't know almost anything about animation except those 7 or so main "Disney" techniques. I believe not many people know what they are talking about here either, this board is focused on modeling. But I can definitely at least tell that your work does seem fairly convincing and it's far from being trash. Keep your head up, it would be really shitty if you just give up because of some trolls on, literally 4chan! Come on, did you not expect this kind of behavior here? This is normal on 4chan, calling someone a faggot is like saying hello. Those words mean nothing. It's all about how you choose to react to things, my man.
Damn. Reading over this thread... Poor kid.
Kinda wish I wouldn't have bitched so much about the threads. They really aren't that bad. Dude just wanted to share his interests. I'm gonna miss the threads, oddly enough. Hopefully he's bluffing.

I remember this!
Me too. I just want to say I was this guy >>600511 and want to say to OP that I'm really sorry. Obviously, it wasn't personal at all because I don't even know you. I didn't even look at the video before posting, but seeing another thread made me pissed off a bit, especially because it really looked like all of this is some over-the-top trolling that keeps going for months (I mean, just look at those meme guy and blender hate threads, most of people are sick of them). What I said you can completely ignore, because it meant nothing. I don't want to be one of the reason you potentially stop doing what you love.

We all have to always keep in mind what we're saying because you can't know who you are talking to over the internet and what is his mental state. Actually, the funny thing is that I went through a similar situation recently as well and got really depressed, but I got over it. It's not a waste of time, just keep doing you. And again, I'd never tell somebody to kys or anything like that, but I still managed to go overboard with my reply, so I'm sorry again. Take a break, rethink everything if you have to, and start working on your projects again. You couldn't have possibly chosen the worst place though. You somewhere mentioned that you thought 4chan will be the friendliest etc. - no. 4chan is the worst of them all and the most terrible thing is that when you stay here for a while, that toxic behavior (even if it is sometimes ironic) can affect you sooner or later, and then you start talking random shit to people without ever thinking about consequences, even though you don't really mean anything you say and treat it as a (stupid) joke.
I'm sure it's fine, he's just probably on break or something he'll get over it. We all go through these things.
OP here, I just want you to know, it's okay. You don't need to feel bad. The last thing I want is anyone to feel bad beacuse of me.

You aren't the cause, it's everything.
Don't worry yourself, okay man?
Everything will be fine. You are a nice guy, and I appreciate that.

Thank you for not being a jerk man.

Welp, I'm off. Hey, some good does come of this though, for real my reloads were pretty dumb. It's stupid to think there was a chance of anything, you know? Kinda cringy when I look back now, lol!
I should thank you guys, I actually feel hopeful now. Maybe this is a sign, that "hey not your thing, don't waste another minute, go find something else!"
I think a lot of success stories begin this way.

But don't worry, your not the cause,man. I'm doing this because I just don't care anymore, but that's a good thing, not a bad thing.

Don't worry yourself. Okay man?
I was rude in some of first comments >>600513
, I kinda overdid it. I just thought you were trolling, because internetzz is ull of trolls. and especially this place,

now I've read you other replies, and you are blaming us, because we were not praising you on every post?
it does not work that way, you'll get praised when you will be really good.
and you think only you make stuff? and post here?
I also post stuff herefor example, and I'm much, much better than you. but I rarely get any replies. so I should start opening threads on every change I make in my works?

oh and there is no "reload animator" if you want to animate, then learn how to animate as whole, then your reloads will look cool.
? OP here, I was never upset about you not praising me. What are you talking about dude?

You know what? I don't care anymore see you guys.

You guys have no Idea about me.
Alright man, if that is what you want, we can't stop you. And okay, I won't worry, but I'm really sensitive to this topic and didn't expect all of this to go in this direction. I made some big life changes in my life and know how hard it is, especially when you don't know if you're making a mistake or not, and only the time will tell it. And I'm at the point of my life when the realization of the fact that it is so easy to completely change your life instantly, just by changing your mindset, is so strong right now.

At the moment my situation is that I have a lot of free time and I also don't have a specific path I want to take set in stone. Nothing is stopping me to drop what I'm doing right now and start learning something else. I could start practicing piano 10 hours per day now and go back to college for that if I wanted to. I could get more into programming, it pays well and there are jobs for that. I could do whatever else I wanted to right now, and at the moment, I choose 3D, even though there are barely any jobs in this area for that. I don't know what is the right path to take, but I'm just doing what feels like I have to do now (and luckily I have the possibilites of doing it in the first place). What is a waste of time, and what isn't - I can't tell.

Anyway, to stop rambling about random things, I just feel bad that I can't tell how good you are at this. Yeah, you might say it's pointless, but there are jobs for that, it seems like. So... you are right that it can be a new page and great thing for you. It can be a moment of realization, a moment which will finally break that "vicious cycle" of yours and set you free. But if you are actually good at it, then it would be a terrible, terrible thing to do and such a waste.

I just remember this quote which resonates so strongly with me:

Years of love have been forgot,
In the hatred of a minute.
> I'm quiting because you guys turned me off of this shit so hard.

so you wanted acknowledgement, tao on the shoulder and critique, from everyone, every time...

look.... nevermind.

all I'm saying is, that you should not stop, doying what you do, but you should look at all this with grown up eyes.
how you are judging all this is very childish, because, I think you are kid and that is normal.

you also should also learn a bit of other animation processes aside from reloads, I'm sure you'll like other things as much as you like this and it'll make your reload animations much more creative and cool. and I really think reload animations must be creative and acrobatic, oherwise it will be just reload animations.

your works are not bad, nobody have even said that (at least seriousely),
that actually means a lot here, )) but you are focusing on negative side which has nothing to do with your animation, you just did not knew social rules here ))
I just wanted a hobby, ever since I was I think... 11? I wanted to do reload animations. I used to look at call of duty, and go "WOAH, how do I do that?" I used to obsess, looking frame by frame and once I bought the program, I would do time codes, 2 seconds for a mag out, 1 sec for mag in from the 2 secs, etc... I was so happy when someone said "it looks so good"

That Is why I loved the comparison to call of duty. I feel like a dumbass and a burden to make LITERALLY everyone I show my animations to upset, my friend literally told me to my face "I do not care about your shitty animations dude, stop." That struck me so hard, thats why I went to UE4 subreddit, then Unity, tried to put them in game animations, but no one wanted to help me there. So I decided /3/ would be accepting, not NICE but accepting. lol, wrong I was!

I want everyone reading this to know I WANT HONESTY. I have NEVER gotten upset at someone critiquing me. People are saying "OP is mad cause we aren't saying his animations are good" But that is not true.

What makes me so sad, mad and just upset is I have NO one in this world to share my stuff with, no other animators will respond to me, /3/ tells me to fuck off, I just cant.

You know what though? Because you have been so kind to me, I will not give up on my reloads. I won't post here anymore, but I will still animate. Your kindness is helping me go on. I am not giving up.

I just want people to take this note: Never shit on someones hobby. It may be all they have. I animate all day. I'm not giving up, but please; SUPPORT PEOPLE IN THEIR HOBBIES. EVERYONE DESERVES LOVE. I hope you continue with your piano! I'd love to hear/see you play, if you want to share a link with me? Just, anything that makes people happy, share it. You deserve the attention, all of you do!


I'm 21. I changed my mind on giving up because of this guys kindness.

Look my point was, when someone is made to feel like shit, they will lose their love for their hobbies. I didn't want praise, I wanted someone to share it with.
OP Here, Also, many have told me on here, to give up.

How do you think it feels that you post something you work hard on for people to say "FUCK OFF" and that I deserve to die. (yes, someone implied that) I know it's 4chan, but come on guys.

If someone has nothing but negativity associated with their hobby they will give up eventually. Like I said, my love of my hobby is down the drain, but I will not give up anymore. Because someone showed kindness. I just want this to be some lesson. Don't be an asshole. You never know what you are taking away from someone.

Like the nice dude quoted:

"Years of love have been forgot,
In the hatred of a minute."

It's a quote so true. I have had many things ruined for my by the meanness of people.

People only have one life, when you ruin things in their life, it's the only chance they get for that. They cant reclaim something once it's ruined and they spent their life avoiding it because of negative association.

glad to hear, that you changed your mind ))
>I wanted someone to share it with.
welcome to the club, my dude )) we all want that, that's why we come here and other places. and you should totally post, where we all do.
And also, my friend, one thing. You didn't do anything wrong, do NOT be afraid to speak your mind. It wasn't your comment that caused how I felt. It wasn't any particular comment either. It was the generality of the hatred I felt directed at me.

You seem very sensible and you should not be afraid to be yourself. Speak your mind. You thought I was doing wrong, and you had EVERY right to call me out on that. You misjudged me, but you still had a right to say what you thought.

Do not change man. I can tell you are a very wise dude.

Anyway, everyone I am off, you wont see me again, but like I said, I will not stop my animating.

I'm sorry that I made everyone so angry at me. and caused trouble.

Everything will go back to normal, I won't bother this forum with my threads anymore!

Have a great day everyone. And I hope you all understand where I'm coming from. I understand where you are all coming from.

all you had to do was post in an existing thread instead of creating a new one you nonce
but... but... he wanted everyone to see!! and we, assholes, were ignoring him, so he MADE us to see, he made his works literally unavoidable.
then we eqtinguished his artistic flames, almost
OP I've followed your stuff forever, and I would say you're like 80% there. It's at the point where it's really hard to critique because nothing about it is overtly wrong, but it's still not quite AAA, if that makes sense. Sorry for being vague but at this point just continuing on your path seems best because you've made progress.

Also I'm not sure if you're trolling because if you have a passing familiarity with 4chan you'd know you're more likely to get called a faggot than be given advice. I'm actually shocked at the amount of people here who aren't roasting you for saying you're gonna quit animating because of 4chan.

Anyway, good luck, don't quit.

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