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Is it worth going to GDC in attempts to network as a 3D Artist? If you've been, what was your experience like? Currently working outside the industry.
Just sleep with a few people and you'll be golden. Remember to shave your butthole and balls.
I'm confident more minor conferences are more effective but GDC might be fine. Though they're a pretty bad org.
And bring business cards. They're actually really good.
Is it normal to exchange business cards after most encounters? I imagine i'm already going to have trouble meeting people, do you mainly go up to booths and strike up conversations with each company?
Monitoring this thread
>>600734 same also for general specialized con attendance networking tips and tricks
Consider asking /biz/ or actual people (books) for convention etiquette.
>Consider asking /crypto/
eh heh
Your time will be better spent building a solid portfolio. Here's how you get hired these days:
>recruiters crawl Sketchfab
>go to your Artstation
>contact you if your portfolio is good
If you have a solid portfolio anywhere on the web, the job offers will come pouring in.

How do you know this, are you just assuming or?
He's like half right. If your portfolio is solid and someone on an art team somewhere is a fan then they'll probably remember that you're looking for work when a position opens up. However, it's important to also apply for jobs and network yourself.
True that, you need a good folio and resume on LinkedIn and smart recruter, also apply at every company website carreer posting
Looking for work at any of thèse évents ils a waste of time
IDGA has an extensive listing of compagnies,
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Are you having a stroke, anon? Accents don't belong there and that last word is French
I think it also helps if you post and lurk on forums

Not /3/ lol because we are trash

but seriously not /3/ because you need to be not anon and build a reputation/have available contact details.

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