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Why do the writers always get more money than the artists? We are all poorfag subhumans compared to them. We need to rise up and learn to write as well as them or else we'll be their slaves forever. The writers can stay, but they need to drastically reduce their pay and benefit level, or better yet, put our pay to equal or above theirs haha
The irony of the hierarchy is that even the writers get paid shit. The Producers, Actors, and Directors are the ones you should be mad at with wages.
Either you're too young or completely forgot that it wasn't until 2007 that there was a writers strike that fucked up A LOT of shows, ruined a lot of arcs, and messed with every late night show at the time. They demanded money, residuals, royalty checks, and actual credit to their name. They got what they want. What needs to happen is another strike. But then again, the industry already has us by the balls by just simply outsourcing it to India, China, and Korea. So I don't know. It is a problem, but only gonna get worse when no one stands up in numbers against the system.
idiot, tv didnt get good until 2008, and even then, it hasnt reached a new level until very recently (2017)
TV good?! Are you fucking retarded?!
I think to the eyes of a lot of people, making a very detailed picture doesn't take as long as writing a screenplay or a novel. They think the writing is more important to the TV show or movie instead of the art or animation.
>not writing your own material
>writing instead of doing 3d
fugg off
>not doing both
You're never gonna become famous and successful.
What about successful but not famous?
Because artists are more easily replaced, making them unable to make demands.

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