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I used to do some casual 3D modelling 6-7 years ago as I studied 3D animation back in high school 13 years ago.

Nothing major really, I just liked to fuck around and build stuff like living rooms with windows where sunlight comes through and render it.

However, I've lost it all and today I decided I want to get back at it. I have no ambition to do anything further than fucking around and maybe show my easily impressed normie friends.

Is there any 3D program with interactive tutorials that let you follow instructions inside the software, and then the program makes you do what you're told before you proceed to the next step?

If there is none, I don't mind going back to Maya as I'm familiar with it and will probably pick it up again quite quickly, but if there is another program that lets you learn interactively, rather than reading boring blocks of text, that would be great.
>Is there any 3D program with interactive tutorials that let you follow instructions inside the software?
no, i don't think so. but that's a great idea.
i guess you should just get maya for now
The closest implementation for such a feature that I can think of is in Unreal Engine 4, which gives you a guided walk through the interface when you run it for the first time, but it's not a modeling package. The best way to learn program features is still by watching videos, whether it's on youtube or a feature length course off CGPeers.
It's just me, but I often like to just watch tutorials without following along, or using the same tools to make a different thing than the tutor is doing. Helps to learn the idea of what you're supposed to do, rather than just rote chimping.

Alright, thanks. Guess I'll go back to Maya, shouldn't take too long unless they have completely revamped the interface. I hope I'm good to go in just a few hours.
>watching videos
illiterate americans were a mistake
Autodesk? revamp an interface? kek

There's practically no written tutorials left anymore, not that it matters since just seeing how something is done is loads faster than someone trying to explain it to you. Just look at most of Arrimus's content, 5~20min tutorials that all concise and to the point, with only enough talking to explain stuff that might not be immediately apparent. visual arts require visual teaching.

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