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>10 part tutorial series
>each video is 10-30 minutes
>his german accent is near impenetrable
>find out early that his vids address a very narrow use case, but he doesnt realize it, thinks his work is revolutionary
What exactly are we talking about? Ungodly 3D fringe knowledge?
stupid ass frog poster we have a thread for this shit
He probably means Zacharias Reinhardt from the Agenzas Brothers.

I found his tutorials really helpful, but I could watch them in german as well
is his new sculpting course worth it?
>multilanguage masterrace

I too could watch either one, the English ones are shorter but his accent IS terrible to listen too, so i mostly opt for the German ones.
git gud
I'm wondering this too. Thinking about buying it while it's on sale
>tfw multilanguage masterrace
>tfw all quality content from dutch people is in english
It is really good! I am jumping into the second part next week. Quite helpful to get some good work flow pointers.
>hey guys welcome to the tutorial series
>lets open the scene
>as you can see here we have 2 lamps
>wait we dont even need 2 lets delete 1
>ok guys let's continue the tutorial
>open the menu, select the options box
>reset settings
>alright there's only one slider in here so this should be pretty self explanatory
Literally never had a problem with tuts. You guys are brainlets.
Zacharias Reinhardt or Yanal Sosak for learning Blender sculpting?
>ahem yea
>yea lets just lower the volume on this
>if you cant tell this is the fifth time I'm making this, there were four previously in the series
File: sculpting.png (1.39 MB, 1442x1169)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: 34435435.png (885 KB, 1175x766)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
this reminds me.
cg cookie released a complete production tutorial that teaches you how to produce an entire movie in blender
this looks crazy actually, worth subscribing for this alone
Haven’t done it yet, but it’s the one that motivated me to subscribe.
Oh fuck, I thought this is some new course. But it seems to be 4 years old. Still worth going through?
Do you know what Blender version it uses? I'm following courses made in 2.6x, no problems so far except for the minor change here and there.

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