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I've just started to learn Rigging and weight painting in Maya and I've got a problem with my model.

I've made a low-poly model, done the weight painting etc. and applied Smooth afterwards. As you can see, my weight painting now looks like this, with the new verts not having any weight. Is there an easy fix for this? Unfortunately it leads to some deformation problems.
>new verts
did you just smooth the mesh after painting and nothing else? Coz that shouldn't cause any issues.
Try a Delta Mush deformer and see if it smooths out the errors.

Yea, just slapped a Smooth on the mesh.
I've made a new scene to test this out and it definitely happens every single time I add a smooth after weight painting.

Does that mean I should always smooth before I do the weight painting? Seems like that'd be a lot of work.

Don't smooth after painting weights. If you want to end up rendering animations or something with the smoothed look, but weight paint on a lower-poly version, just hit 3 before the render. It visually applies subdivision without the problem you're having.

I know that works when rendering internally, but if I want to upload the model to sketchfab I'll need to apply the smoothing.

Also, the Toon Outlines of Maya don't actually take the smoothed look into account, so they require the a properly smoothed model as well (if they're set to Paint Effects that is - which is way better than Offset Mesh method).

I seem to have found a way that it kind of works, but it's a bit odd:
If I delete non-deformer history before and after smoothing, the model breaks.

If I delete non-deformer history before and after smoothing, but click on Skin Weights once after smoothing, the model only breaks a little and is somewhat fixable.

I'm not sure why that's happening, maybe it's just a bug with Maya 2017?
Or you can bring it into blender and do it right. Your choice. Your Choice.
Save out a weight map with the lower res. It corresponds to UVs. So when you apply it to the smoother model it should apply the correct weights to the new verts based on their placement in UV space.
Have you tried duplicate the mesh and smooth it and copy skin weight or proxy if you have a good pc.
Here's how you do what you want to do, but it's complicated, there are 2 methods.

The first requires the mesh has no overlapping UVs. If you havent done your UVs yet then in the UV editor apply an "automatic map" to the whole mesh. This makes a very ugly, but suitable UV map instantly.

Rigging[ Skin > Export Weight Maps... and click the box. Set export value to luminance and the map size to something semi reasonable with enough resolution (1024*1024). Keep image format as IFF but anything that doesn't artifact, and export it into a new folder you make just for this. It's going to make a whole bunch of files.

After it's exported delete history on the mesh (do this in a separate save file just in case; a good habit). Then re-envelope the mesh onto your skeleton then hit Skin > Import Skin Weights Maps and select the <.weightMap> file. The name of the object has to be the same as it was so just don't change it. If it worked right you should see your mesh's verts on converge onto the original and reset all the verts based on which one they're skinned to, one at a time.
Test your deformations thoroughly. You may have to repaint some parts but it'll be very close if not perfect.

wait nevermind. The toher hting I was thinking of was for transfering UVmaps not skin weights.
The export vimport thing works well. I prefer to pain weights on low poly meshes too. If all you want to do is animate them in maya then you can smooth them and "Delete non-deformer History" and it will delete the smooth node and keep the skincluster node. All the weights will be right and it will deform properly, but it will not export well into a game engine

I've used the export method a bunch and it's accurate as long as you dont have over lapping polygons, but on a mesh with properly made UVs, you sometimes have very tiny UV polygons. If the resolution isn't high enough for every vertex to get its own pixel it mgiht have errors. setting to a higher resolution and just having to wait longer is a lot faster than editing UVs

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