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Will godot become the blender of game engines?
Why the fuck would you use godot, when you can use Unity and Unreal for free?
>literally misses the point like a retard
>huh duh why someone would use blender when you can pirate maya and zbrush
But you can't sell things made with pirated software and Blender is a good free alternative.
Godot, Unity and Unreal are free, but 2 of them are old enough to have tons of tutorial and documents out there to help...
>he thinks unity and unreal are libre or gratis
Why didn’t Blender become the Blender of game engines? I remember many years ago, when it was still a new thing, it actually had some support for game logic built in. People thought you’d be able to make an entire game from scratch entirely within Blender. Haven’t followed its developments much, so I’m guessing they axed the idea at some point or another.
game engine is still a big part of blender.
I believe like most of blender it's primarily fueled by its users. Any advancements or developments to the game engine are done by the community. The problem is that most blender users just use blender for rendering, animating and modeling. So the game engine gets no love. I'm a Unity buff that tried using blender game engine, and I gotta say I prefer Unity's physics over blender's; plus I don't want to have to learn python.
>don't want to have to learn python
it's 100% possible to make a fully functioning game in blender using only the logic bricks but if you want it to really shine you have to learn python.

and yes, the real reason the game engine hasn't been updated in a long time is because nobody really uses it to make games as much as they should.

as for your comments on unity, hearthstone was made in unity.
shitty indie horror titles are made in unity.
those two different gaming ideas shows that engine's versatility.
bge has the same versatility, but nobody uses it.
shame really. there's so much potential for great graphics because you can bake from cycles and use in bge in realtime.
although, some blender users have started to fuck around with eevee in the bge and it's starting to look pretty fantastic.

and one more thing, python really isn't a language that's used much for games because c# and c++ are more suited for windows apps.
Legit PBR and actually fucks with logic nodes. Unstable but bitch I’m making brand new

Not waiting for that to happen.

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