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So. I'm just messing around with some custom assets for Tabletop Simulator stuff. And I'm running into this issue with .obj files. It seems like whenever I convert a model into a .obj, it fucks up the meshes. (See image for reference...goes from a .3ds to a .obj). As the only mesh files that TTS recognizes is .obj.

Would really appreciate some help as the in game model is looking crazy terrible.
install Blender, open obj in blender, hit TAB, hit A and hit N, hit TAB again and export as obj.
*sorry, ment Ctrl+N for 'Recalculate Normals'

Tried but nothing happened.
then select all vertices and remove the doubles
Looks like maybe the mesh is triangulated differently when turned into obj?
I have already done that, in both this program and Blender

If that is so I do not know how to fix that. All I know is that when I'm working with the .3ds or .stl files, everything is fine, but immediately distorts when saving as an .obj.
I will post some additional pics later tonight... as well as some in-game photos showing what's happening as the result
File: wtf.png (3.75 MB, 1920x2432)
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Look at this! Idk how it goes from looking fine in the 3d editors, to this crazy abomination. Panzer for reference.
Looks like the normals are getting fucked up along the way. Also looks like your table top thing is converting any quads in your model to tris.
Is your model made of quad faces or did you convert them to tris before saving as an obj file?

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