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How do I make the hand rotate by itself without rotating the sleeve?
Maybe consider we're not here to spoonfeed you.
Don't weight paint the sleeve to the hand joint, I guess.
Add a sleeve of seems, remove weight paint from that then move the hand in posemode, or simply go to edit mode detach it and move it there then reattach :)
When I remove weight paint, then it doesn't MOVE with the hand!

It's all or nothing with this fucking thing.
Create a new bone.
Skin the sleeve to it.
Use a driver or a constraint to drive the rotation of the sleeve bone with the rotation of the wrist.
Make sure you are only driving one rotational axis.

Research drivers for more in-depth information.
OP Here I don't know a lot of the lingo you are using... but I'm going to save your reply and study it. Thanks, brother.
>not here to spoonfeed you
yes, we are.
that's the point of a forum.

separate the hand from the sleeve mesh.
weight paint the hand.
>that's the point of a forum
I thought it was to talk to people who had similar interests/views
But hey, I guess I'll stop contributing to any and all forums and only use them when I need something in return for nothing.
OP Here

They are seperate meshes, and when I eliminate the pains on the sleeve, the sleeve just stays static, not moving at all!

I'm at such a loss!

LOL, so somehow because I ask for help a lot, I do not contribute to other forums? Dipshit
We already have a stupid questions thread. If you have lots of questions, post there. You bump the thread so that other people can get their shit answered, and you don't create new threads which delete older threads.
>Reddit spacing
The only dipshit I see here is you.
>stop contributing to any and all forums
thank you.
Hey /3/, gonna need you to do my homework. No I won't pay you, and no I won't contain each task to the same thread. This is my board now fuckers.
>gonna need you to do my homework
i already fucked your mom, kid.
a separate joint for the hand mesh and the edge of the sleeve

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