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Anyone know of any Arm Rigs for 3ds max that are of Leather gloves with Long sleeves?

I am very interested in something like this... I would really appreciate it...
Am I missing something?
Is there something about 1st person arms that make them different from a basic IK arm rig?
No they are entirely the same. any bipedal setup will work
This has to be something sexual
well since you're only worried about the arms and they're such a central focus of attention. It would be worth it to have a more complex rig to control its movements.
What would you add on top to achieve that?
Well you're going to want a rig that can specifically control the orientation of every bone(literal) in the arm, ins so much that it rotates in real life, and when interpolating values between, generates realistic movement.

It depends on how deep you want to go, but you can go rather deep seeing as its just an arm.

Like how the metacarpals in your hand spread out when you expand your fingers. The way the meat between your thumb and palm expands and contracts. The way how your shoulder cant actually rotate in smooth circles because you use different muscles to move it in each direction.

Additionally you can afford very detailed specialty rigs for specific movements. Like how when reloading a gun. The movement is organic up until the magazine is in the gun. Then your movements conform to the shape of the machinery. Sliding the magazine in perfectly strait, because that's how it has to fit, and the weird ways your actual arm contorts to accommodate that.

Complicated finger movements too like shuffling card or the "coin trick" could merit special rigs to get movements perfect.

And just more functionality in the more obvious movements of just putting your hand where you want it and grasping something. IKs are really easy to use but make garbage arm movements unless they're so manicured it defeats the purpose. Hybrid FK/IK rigs are good in full character rigs but a good rule is to devote as much proportional attention to something as the proportion of the screen it takes. It's worth it to animate in FK and to make a complex rig to make that easy to do.
What should I be studying/looking up to better understand how to rig for this level of control, specifically the complex movements that work with a FK rig?
expressions, constraints, and driven keys

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