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I use Blender (for modeling, sculpting and texturing), Photoshop (for texturing) and Unity.
I came to ask a question because I need a graphic tablet:
What do you recommend: Wacom Intuos 3D or Wacom Intuos Art?
>What do you recommend: Wacom Intuos 3D or Wacom Intuos Art?
Of course.
I'm also interested. Not sure if I should immediately buy something more expensive since I'm still a beginner, but I do sculpt often. Don't know which size, which brand nor anything else about it.

>Sweet-ass ZbrushCore license or mediocre Corel shovelware license

Gee i wonder which...
Are those two Wacoms the same? Aren't they?
Not read the thread so I don't know if someone else has said any of this already.

1. Think hard about the size you need. I bought a Large Intuos a few years ago just thinking bigger = better and I kinda regret that decision.
It makes arranging a keyboard next to it much more awkward and just mousing around your workspace to go up to menus or whatever becomes a total pain in the dick especially when you wanna just chill and sit back in your seat. I'm tall (6'2") and have long arms and even I find it a stretch to keep reaching all around the work area all day. I'm gonna change up for a medium Intuos Pro soon.

2. I know you didn't bring the Cintiq up, but another anon did.
A place I worked at had a couple Cintiqs, and they were really, really horrible.
The ergonomics are just so fucked up all round. It was so hard to get comfortable with it that another guy there who had been there a long time actually refused to use one unless they bought him a special stand-up desk to use it at, which they did - so he literally had to have another battlestation built into the workspace just to use the fucking Cintiq comfortably.
I hated everything about them. As well as being uncomfortable the resolution and brightness were really poor and the drawing experience is no better than a regular tablet as far as I'm concerned. I think it's actually a little bit less responsive.
Maybe they've gotten better since then - but right now, fuck drawing on a screen - it's not worth it.

If you're considering buying one to use at home - you need a HUGE desk and a good bit of space around the desk to organise yourself for when you want to use it. You need lots of space behind it because when it needs to lay down it takes a load more horizontal space, and you need space in front of it for the keyboard and anything else.
They are huge and weigh a TONNE as well so if you think you're gonna move that thing on and off your desk when you wanna use it - you are gonna seriously hate it.
Just get used Bamboo from eBay for like, no money.
I had one years ago as my first tablet and they're fine for beginners. Better than fine actually - they're really good for the money.

If you leave it about 4-5 weeks after Xmas, a load of losers will be flipping their Xmas gift Wacoms on eBay at the same time because they realized having a new bit of equipment doesn't make up for the fact that they're still lazy and talentless. This causes an inevitable 'supply > demand' price drop. You'll get a Bamboo for like, £30/$30.
Get a small, cheap one that you can carry around with you.
Get a bigger one later if you feel its necessary.

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