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I'm creating an Arm Rig, but I want to add good looking, 3d veins to my model, without actually sculpting them.

How does one go about making a vein on skin? Could you use my photo as a base?
OP Here! I mean, texture a vein, to where it looks there by textures, but is not actually physically part of the model
>How does one go about making a vein on skin?
Just like you go about making everything else I guess.
>Could you use my photo as a base?
As a base to put veins over it, or as a reference to create the veins on something else? No to both; the former because the picture is too shitty, and the latter because it's not even veiny.
the first, I simply would like an example on how to make it look like veins are on blank skin.

If no to the pic, could you simply make a skin color, and add a vascular vein look on it? maybe step by step?
If you want something like the image thing then look up how bump maps and displacement maps works. If you want to
>simply make a skin color, and add a vascular vein look on it
That's a different thing regarding the creation of a texture involving different tools and effects. There are several ways to do that kind of thing, depending on if you want to work with 3D software or with image manipulation.
Op, disregard the plebs it. Use NDO2.
Why waste your time on ugly pleb hands when you can sculpt veiny HD cocks? Everything in 3D leads to this, sooner or later...according to /3/
Exactly what I need, thanks mate!
You want me to sculpt cocks you motherfucker? Are you reading my fucking mind you motherfucker?
Add the vein shape in the bump map
I second this

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