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Okay, what are your opinions on Octane integration with Unity? I'm just trying it out now, waiting for it to download and install.

I'm a UE4 guy, but this combination of game engine and an actually good renderer (idk anything about Octane desu, but I guess it's good like the rest of 'em) seems like a game changer, at least for what I want to do.

So did I understand this correctly - I can setup my whole scene in the comfyness of a Unity's realtime viewport, and when I want to make a static render or some short animation, I can just switch to Octane. Is that right? This is fucking awesome because I can't stand doing everything in Max or Blender.

Too bad UE4 doesn't have an equivalent then, because now I have some finished scenes which I'd like to render with a proper renderer, but I can't just export them to Max. I mean, e.g. UE4's vegetation tool and landscape painting tool are amazing and I couldn't do exteriors that easily in other programs, so I like doing all of my scenes in UE4. Now this might even be the reason switch to Unity, if I haven't completely misunderstood something.

Btw, was Adam rendered in Octane? Guess it wasn't, because it does look game-y.
This screams, "fanboy ass muncher."
Fanboy who today opened Unity for the first time and realized it is probably not worth switching from UE4, yeah.
You should never get your hopes up when Unity announces a new feature. It will either never arrive or it will be implemented in the most barebones, half-assed, inflexible manner.
Double that when you're dealing with Octane.

They announced lightmap baking for the Unity Octane months ago and said it was going to be released "very soon", but it still hasn't arrived.
>Octane renderer
>for video games
wouldn't it be Brigade?

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