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File: GoldriverFinalDraft.png (676 KB, 1920x1080)
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My first attempt at Particle Rendering using Fluids in Maya 2016 (because this was made before 2017 was out).
I am trying to self-teach this to myself, so i know there is definitely room for improvement!
Thoughts? Aside from how shit the exhaust flames look.
It's a good start but you know you need to actually post a video to see how it behaves.
You should probably start by working out how to make smoke plumes in relatively high resolution.
What I see from the image, it looks like the volumes are very low resolution. But then again it's impossible to say anything else because it's not an animation.
Start out by making a simple grid and try to create vertically rising and pluming smoke. It should be easy to make as such but you'll need to understand the relationship of each setting and how to make it.
So start out by doing a 25x50x25 grid, then add sphere fluid emitter to the bottom. Disable fluid boundaries, except for -Y axis...
I can go for more but this is not probably right place to give 1 to 1 advice in real time.
You mention "particle rendering using fluids" but this doesn't seem to make any sense. Are you advecting particles with the fluid? To me it looks like you are just rendering the volume itself.
OP here.
They are somewhat low resolution, especially at the exhaust. Putting the resolution up any higher wouldave made the viewport lag like crazy (and probably my PC explode as well). I also haven't tried fully rendering an animation yet.

>"particle rendering using fluids"
I haven't learned the specific terminologies in my CG class yet so i might just be talking nonsense.

I'll try rising and plumin smoke next! Thanks, friend!

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