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File: 30lifesentances.png (183 KB, 600x337)
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Hey all! Maybe you remember me from a while back, I showed you some of my reloads? Here is my newest reload. Tell me what you think, please!
crap music/10
i like it
It's a bit too spastic. Focus more on the dynamics of your animation. Also, it looks quite unnnatural. Reverse playback sometimes and try some other framerates, that might give you some more insights
File: Capture.png (196 KB, 496x432)
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I am no animator, but I have to say it's ok. With one glaring problem. It has an odd stiffness to it. Once the new mag starts being loaded the arm and gun sorta stay in the same oddly rotated position, this looks even worse near the end of the animation, especially around the point in pic. This guy looks like he is breaking his bones to make this happen. Looking at the animation closer, It's ok till the cocking starts. That is when it gets bad.

Other than that, I have to agree with >>597979
We gave him this exact same reply about breaking bones in like every past thread. He still didn't learn it. Just like record yourself doing it and see if it is possible. How can you not even see it is beyond me.

Lack of learning of FUNDAMENTALS
OP here, due to issues with the shoulder and elbow not keyframing, the bone breaking is something that kind of happens if I don't want the other parts of the animation to fuck up.

The problem I believe is I kept the arm bound to the main weapon despite it being free. Next time I will align it to the world.
File: pd2reload.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720)
1.6 MB
you're trying to get too fancy without the skill to back it up.
if you're going to do spastic stylized shit like that you need to be able to make your poses not janky and awkward.
also, weight. the gun looks like it weighs nothing.
instead of a believable weighted motion when he pulls the mag out it just wiggles around. especially noticeable at the end when he chambers a round.
i'm assuming this is because of your rig, but idk.

use more reference. payday 2 has some really nice reloads.
This, good points made.
Also, I'd like to add that you can record yourself acting out the animation, and then use that as ref to get something more natural. Sure, you may feel like a retard doing it but seriously, everyone in the industry does this. Even the pixar and didney dudes.
OP here I was using the curve editor and excited about the smoothness, I may have not have paid attention to the weight as much as I should have. My fault, not the rigs. I'm having trouble downloading 3ds max on my new computer, but when I do I'll make another animation and see If I can't improve on what you guys said.
watch gun animation tutorials from hyper and mrbrightside

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