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Looking to get into sculpting, some 2d art experience. I want to learn sculpting to have sculpts 3d printed, for those purposes is 3D coat enough or should I get zbrush? I have tried both before, and found them both kind of obtuse but I figure I'm just not used to either

It actually depends on your skill, budget and how much you like sculpting.

Now if you want to hear who's better, well that's zbrush, no other answer.

Zbrush is more powerful, but much harder to use.

3D-Coat is constantly improving and is very easy to use but still not up to Zbrush level. Has really great paint tools though.
for exclusively sculpting ZBrush
3D Coat is an amazing program, but has much more to offer than sculpting, but is also more technical
sculpting with the pre-shipped brushes feels more natural in ZBrush and it also has much more resources online
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3D Coat seems really great but the devs are delusional about thinking they can steer their users in what they use the software for.

Also, it seems to be a total lottery if it runs well on your system but in all cases it fucking cooks your GPU because even when idling it stresses it with rendering every fucking frame at high FPS.

It makes me sad because I really wanted to use it but the stress it puts on my shit for absolutely no fucking reason is too much for my autism.
3DCoat is a step down from ZBrush but feels like the most useable out of the non-ZBrush sculpting packages. It's decently capable if your system can handle modifying high-poly meshes/voxel sculpting with it but it's not going to be as capable as ZBrush. AFAIK, it also has features specifically made for 3D printing.
3d coat's brushes were shit last time i tried them
zbrush is the ever evolving standard.
for free
blender/sculptris can be used for 3d printing
along with autodesk meshmixer (very 3d printing oriented)

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