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it is just a donut maker
every tutorial you see is about modeling a donut or an egg
i am serious
i guess that is the only use 4 blender after all
I'm a cybernetic organism. Jiggling lard over a Cheeto endoskeleton. My mission is to model donuts.
OP, you need to understand
Donuts are delicate food which provide us with essential vitamins in order to continue our living
And blender, helps us understand the structure of the donut and how it reacts to light
Blender is for the wide-minded who are discovering more things about donuts
And I say again, OP
it turns out you are a narrow-minded creature, because you don’t know the benefits of donuts
Modeling donuts in blender requires precision
Modeling donuts in blender is not just a hobby, it is more of a documentary
Laugh all you want, but the donut industry is booming and I know my time investment in donut visualization will pay off soon.
Listen OP
this is the third time
In the future, big budget companies will use blender to simulate the effect of light on a donut
Blender helps us analyze the donut
You fucking idiot, one day, you will regret what you said as donuts will take over the modeling industry
File: 165468746877.jpg (4 KB, 240x240)
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Does /3/ EVER achieve anything or is this board's sole purpose to endlessly shit on tools and otherwise do nothing?
File: thnu.png (121 KB, 958x446)
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121 KB PNG
OP you couldn't model that!
bad donut

good donut
File: ytas.jpg (93 KB, 1024x1024)
93 KB
finally, a donut professional
why do they call it blender if you never end up blending all the food you make in it
File: 13302.jpg (216 KB, 512x512)
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216 KB JPG
i don't know fellow 4chan user

Having spent a whole total of 30 mins on here, this board is as bad as /g/ for having competant people on it.
you fucking idiot you have to praise the donut
OP, you are just too inexperienced
First, you call blender a donut maker
Donuts are important
Don’t forget that the fast food chains are benefiting from them
You are just jealous that donuts are so useful and important
File: 1512888799061.png (275 KB, 999x1208)
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275 KB PNG
Reminder that if you're not a communist, you will never understand blender.

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