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File: Akeytsu-Screenshot-2.jpg (222 KB, 1200x656)
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It's on Sale

Does anyone own it and can share some thoughts?
How is rigging? Can you have more complex systems, or is it just bare bones indie game oriented?
literally the first time I hear about this. so yeah, sorry but no idea
and fuck, it's spelled AKEYTSU, not Akeyatsu.

Ok, if people haven't heard of it it may either be a hidden gem, or I should stay away from it. I will need to see how this thread goes.
What the fuck is that UI
You want to check out Mosketch too.
How is it better than Blender?
How about you check it out and tell us.
It looks like it's better than blender but worse than Maya and Houdini. The pricing is also outrageous

None of us has tried it, so we can't tell you shit.

Doesn't mean that that program is shit.

Try by yourself you must to tell if shit or not.
>You can never know
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File: Josuke_and_spaghetti.png (387 KB, 479x582)
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Looks cool. Price point is a bit silly imo.
It looks very intuitive, good recommendation.

How much would you pay for a software for rigging and animation? I cannot really compare it to anything.
>How much would you pay for a software for rigging and animation? I cannot really compare it to anything.
nothing for this horrible UI
3DCoat is 99 for an indie license.
It handles a few things. I personally use it for UV/Texture. This is something that you're going to need on 99.9% of models.
Their software is 179.00 before the sale, it handles rigs/animation which isn't something I'll need for every model. Seems silly to me personally to pay more for a tool I'll use less.
The 100 dollar price point seems fine, but it's only that low due to a sale right now.
Maybe I'm just greedy/spoiled.
To continue on this, Substance Painter is 149.00 off sale. It's not a crazy price, but 179 is pushing 200 too much for me.
I think 80~125 is a good price range for the dedicated tools like this.
i tried it during beta/alpha idk
i like comparing it to silo, it's a very focused tool
when you get into it, also fun to use
at this price though only worth it if you do a lot of animation, since you probably are already used to the appropriate tools in your 3D package
That's fair.

How was it for rigging?
i'd recommend just checking out their youtube channel
they have videos for all the things it can do
see if you like the workflow
i own it and love it. it honestly boggles my mind that you can rig something once really quickly, and have fk and ik setup automatically, and you can switch ik on and off whenever you want without affecting your animation. it's actually amazing software.
Is it only for games or can you import into maya/ max to render out animations?
File: visuel-fbx.png (128 KB, 1484x708)
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not that guy, but pic related, you just use the fbx in your maya, 3dsmax, blender whatever software.
I think I'm going to buy it.

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