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File: contour.jpg (968 KB, 1080x1136)
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I want to achieve something pretty simple, but I don't know much about 3D modelling.

In this image, I've tried to depict a dome protruding up from a flat surface. What I want is to create parallel slices through it, so you see lines running through it which represent the contour made by intersecting the dome (and surface) with a series of invisible parallel planes.

I would like to be able to do this effect on any arbitrary surface I could create.

It's incredibly simple compared to what you guys are used to, I'm sure, but I wouldn't even know what software to use.

I'd be prepared to download a free app if anyone can suggest one, but I also have access to someone's copy of 3D Max.

Can anyone help?
Just do a Boolean subtraction on a cube, remove all faces except the one needed, flip it, voila
I see what you mean. But it seems a bit indirect. It's the lines I want, so I'd have to manually dismantle the remaining face into its constituent lines.

Could I do a Boolean AND with a single flat polygon? This would at least cut out some of the tinkering, like dealing with whole faces I won't use.

Plus if I can do it this way, I could generate all of the curves simultaneously using multiple parallel polygons.

Also which software should I use?
sounds like a job for rhino+grasshopper or Houdini
lmao this is a basic technique, it has nothing to do with what program you use.
>Which software should I use
Any of them for the love of god don't ask that.
Fair enough, I thought it seemed like a basic enough thing. I am vaguely aware of Boolean operations but wasn't sure if they were limited to closed 3D solids.

If I want just these contour lines can I do a Boolean AND between two 2D surfaces? Or a solid and a surface?
Why don't you just go play with booleans and find out?
blender with the bsurfaces plugin would be the easiest way to go for you

Wasn't OP asking for strips cut out of something?
That video has nothing to do with that. Unless I'm misreading OP's question.
File: Boolean.png (69 KB, 749x755)
69 KB
To answer your question, take a look at this.
I think one of these two results are what you're looking for.
oh i misunderstood; thought OP was trying to do the reverse and wanted to draw curves and create a surface from them

yeah op so, all you need is to grab a 3d package (blender should be fine) and create the 3d shape first, then trace cv curves over the shape (drawing the curves in magnet mode with the 3d shape selected as the source surface for magnet mode). you can then use those curves to create geometry (extrusion along a curve)
i take it back; don't bother trying a curve based method in blender. i just tried it myself and blender's curve editing tools are fucking horrible

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