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>planning an office based porn series
>have a bunch of office environments
>all too cluttered/don't have the right look
>decide to kitbash a room from separate pieces
>realise I'm not an interior decorator

What do? How do I "design" a room that looks enough like an office to pass the peripheral vision test, isn't a resource hog because of having too many parts while being conducive to fucking in different poses?
take footage from the tv show "the office", motion track it and composit your horrible porn animations into the background. then insert that footage back into the episode and release it as part of a torrent of the full series. imagine the surprise of the guy who makes it to episode 100 or whatever and discovers some sort of inflated brown bimbo sucking cock in the background of a random scene. now he'll have to watch the previous 99 episodes again to see if he missed it happening before.

obviously you need to do this with the us version of the office because the uk one doesn't have enough episodes for it to work.
do your research
by that I mean look at offices and replicate what you see

Can't believe we live in a world where reference material is plentiful and available everywhere, and yet modern artists don't know how to search for it properly.

I ended up taking this as a starting point
gtfo normie
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I don't think you're aware of how deep my abnormality goes
you dont want a real office you want an office "set". Look at how they're arranged in movies and TV.

Actually I think you should just thumb through office scenes in movies and completely ripoff any room you like.

in my head the set from Just Shoot Me! is nice

large open area with a few different spaces, the main tables, reception, far off sitting table and the kitchen area
then you have the boss's office and the chicks office

the whole series is basically set in the offices so if you watch an ep or 2 you should have a good idea of spacing
That's the only thing you can come up with for a porn scenario? What's the point?! That just screams "Normie". Just watch a regular porn with real people.

You need to go read a real good hentai doujinshi to really get inspired. They seem to have the best scenarios around.
I would but I can't get into the art style (ironic I know) and I'm unfamiliar with hentai in general.
Unfamiliar with hentai? I think it's time to head on over to /h/ and start getting recommendations to read. Tons of good shit that will turn you diamonds.
Remember to read the panels right-to-left
If you're not used to it, it takes a little bit and then your brain will do it without thinking

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