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hey anons, let's share which free softwares, plugins, etc.. which we use in our 3d workflows.

>PS: we all know that Blender is free, repeating it several times won't give us anything new.
File: PureRef.png (35 KB, 368x513)
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Pure ref is free tool that I use for refrence images and it's really awesome

download here: https://www.pureref.com/

video explaining it's capabilities and shortcuts.
The free versions of Railclone and Forestpack are pretty essential for anyone getting into archviz, or any kind of environment work to be honest.
If you're an environment guy and a max guy (which is to say, all environment guys) - you should at least learn Railclone because it's fucking incredible. Link related.ForestPack is real useful too.

>All environment guys are max guys
Could you explain why?
I can recommend some free plugins for max:

Outliner 2.1.6,
3ds Max Project Manager,
Batch Material Editor->(really useful if you use multiple materials where you cant instance)

If you want an alternative, there's kuadro, both of them are literally the same, you would probably choose from which one goes with your windows appearance
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holy hell, this is heaven.
I had battle with using reference until I saw your post.
May your waifu become real!

Superior measurement tools, same reason it dominates archviz.
Just wanted to say super thanks for this one, it is exactly what I needed for so long. I used Trello for a while, but it was just not practical for me, and I usually just saved images from the internet to my local folder, which also sucked. But this is great and simple. I just need one big collage of everything.

glad to hear, that this helped you!!!
I use this soft most extensively and IMHO It is fucking awesome!!!

BTW, if you go in settings it has glass color mode, which makes backgrounds transparent. and only images are visible. that way you can overlay it on top of zbrush or any other software you use.
CTRL+T is also very usefulshortcut, it stais on top and you can work under it.
C+L mouse button is crop.
if you select many images at once and then Ctrl+Shift+up/left/down it resizes all images to same size.
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hdrihaven for free hdris. I like the pbr materials 3 add on for blender from 3d-wolf dot com. Make Human is free w/blender now I think but you can download it separately as it's own prog. it's good for making quick rigged humans with like sliders like a character select in an RPG. Manuel Bastioni is another good free add on for rigged humans (blender). Idk I use Adobe but I've heard krita is ok instead of Photoshop, then there's Natron / Fusion 9 for free video compositing. Archive3d dot net for DL free models for scenes. uhh Google poly let's u dl models but ur supposed to CC the person who made the model.
For Max:
Greeble - Oldest Max script still being updated, you're not a real Max user unless you have this installed: http://max.klanky.com/plugins.htm
rapidTools - Contains Edge Regularizer, Quad Cap, and other useful scripts in one setup: http://rapidmxs.com/?page_id=367
TexTools - Don't even bother opening the UV editor unless you have this installed: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/
Batch import/export - If you work with game engines or have to export often in general, this is a life saver: http://josbalcaen.com/scripts/max/batch-exportimport/
Straighten Edge by Veda3d - Pick two points along a loop and all vertices in-between will form a straight line: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/straighten-edge
Weighted Normals & GetVertNormalsFromFace v0.2 - Essential if you want to try FWN modeling. https://github.com/ByteHazard/wnormals and http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/File:GetVertNormalsFromFace_0_2.ms.zip
Border Fill - Similar to Quad Cap, but automatically bridges geometry of any arbitrary shape with quads: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/border-fill
Slice Tool - Generates evenly spaced slices across a mesh: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/slice-tool
Align Pivot to Selection - Does as it says: http://www.cral.de/scripts/crAlignPivotToSelection.mcr
File: Tree_Normals.gif (1.43 MB, 640x278)
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1.43 MB GIF

While not supported anymore is a fast and very easy to use sculpting program

free sketch based retopology standalone program. Playlist on how to use here:

Standalone free baking program with additional tools for normal maps and even photoshop plugins

Very nice list. My addition to the list would be "normals thief" which is great for foliage.

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