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Anyone here know Unity? I need to apply 3 textures to this model; the main one, the mouth, and the eyes, but each one just replaces the other. How can I do this?
apply the textures in blender.

export as fbx

import fbx in unity

textures are automagically applied

you'll have to set up the uv mapping in a modeling program, after that you can just slap all the textures on it in unity and they'll show up in the right place.
each individual mesh can only have maximum 2 UV sets in unity because good engine.
split your mesh into multiple parts as needed.
Okay, now her mouth is transparent. Is this a side effect of unity I can expect to disappear once I render it or some shit?
Fix the normals on the faces on the inside of her mouth.
How did you import this model? It's clearly an mmd model and you need mecanim to properly export it inside unity.

This is not something that simple change of shading can help. Other than that the best way is to import that model into blender then re export to fbx inside unity.
you clearly have 3 textures for this character - body, eyes and mouth - that means you need 3 material IDs for 3 different materials - if you dont have them on the mesh, you wont be able to apply 3 different materials to one mesh as it was intended. Also, fix the normals.
-make a shader that has 3 texture slots and combine them
-split it into 3 models and texture them individually
-blend the textures into one in photoshop before import

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