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i'm trying to modify a model i found so i can use it in VRchat, but there are some problems with its rig hierarchy that i can't figure out how to fix. for some reason changes in unity won't save, so i'm trying to figure out how to do it through blender itself and i can't figure out its interface.

i just want to make head jaw a child of head neck upper, and head neck lower a child of head neck upper.

can someone please tell me how to do this? why can't i just click and drag it?

apologies if i got some of the terminology wrong, i have no idea what i'm doing as you can see.
I can fix it up for, if you pay me :^)
ALT + P = Clear Parent (you need to clear the parenting for everything before you move on.

or you can simply delete all the parenting by going to object data and deleting all of the bone groups

to parent anew just click Ctrl + P parent armature, you can use automatic weights if you don't know how to weight paint

btw if its a simple mechanical motion then you don't need bones in the first place, just parent all the object you want into one base parent and they will share rotation.

in this example i simply click all the children (holding shift to select multiple objects, and then the base at the end. after that click control + P parent object).
same thing can be done with armatures, but for those you need weights
here is how an armature interacts with an object (rig)

you can see how the armature is the base parent, so its the first in the hierarchy
inside you find the pose and the rig itself, to use the pose enter pose mode
below that you find the object (cube) with the mesh and the modifier. the modifier is applied when you parent an armature, you can also check it in modifiers.
lastly is the vertex groups, a new vertex group is created when a bone is parented to a new, it holds all the information about location,rotation and scale during animation
>LARPing as animu girls and furries in VR
Well at least there's a new Second Life to sell shit to
I've seen a few posts joking about selling avatars to people playing VRchat

So here's a serious question:

I want a custom avatar based off art work a friend did for me, and that has interactive elements such as a removable hat and glasses.

How much would you charge? Asking for a friend.
I'd be interested in paying for something like that too. I always see the banner for /3/ about everyone wanting to be hired. Is this something you guys typically do here?
No. That's a meme for a shitty """Artist""" using blender wanting a job. It's /3/ shitting on someone who doesn't actually belong on this board.
I'd say 95% of people on this board don't actually want to be hired by anyone. Especially someone off 4chan.
Alright, well then i guess i can buckle down and figure this out over some time. I feel like this shouldnt be too daunting of a task for what i want if 15 year olds on deviant art are importing custom vrchat models and stuff.
/3/ is a very slow board, never trust the first reply ESPECIALLY if it's low effort.

Yiff artists on Second Life and FA charge around $150 to $200 for what you've described. You might think that's a lot, and it sort of is; it's meant to be high enough that only serious people commission them, and the artist is going to have to back and forth with the client iterating over the design until the client is happy (and with furry autists it's going to take a lot of back and forth before they're happy).
It's also their bespoke mursona that they have a tremendous emotional attachment to, which means they're willing to pay a premium for that, and then if they want complex sex shit that's going to add more.
All in all it's going to take something like a week so they're basically working for $5 an hour
This is actually less than I thought it would be.

How do I find these artists ? I tried googling blender artists but I mainly got the upwork website.
upload it and I'll have a look at it.

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