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Anyone know where I could get this model? The link s

Looks simple enough make it yourself niglet
What do you want with that model you sick fuck?
I hear the ghost of MOOT still stalks these boards in search of any perverts looking to do acts of degeneracy with the pure image of Yotsuba.

Be careful, anon.
File: Capture.jpg (80 KB, 709x668)
80 KB
20 minutes in Google.


Password is yotsuba without the s.

(pls no lewd)
>pls no lewd
Lewd chance just increased at least 50%
Reminder that lewding Yotsuba is a bannable offense.
always wondered how people make models like this with cel-shading and an outline

would they use a shader? I don't know how they would transfer over to different programs like UE4

I tried dicking around with ink and paint in 3dsmax but could never get a decent result
It's just shaders.
They would transfer them over to engines by using the same shader. This is why HLSL and GLSL exist.
I'll have to look into that, cheers mate
Cell coloring is done with colour ramps / lightwarps which define the falloff of lighting between smooth faces. The outline is doable with shaders, but the ad hoc method that seems to work for most applications is to duplicate the model geometry, apply an unlit black material to the new polys, then invert their normals and ensure their backfaces are culled. Play around with the distance and scale of the black to accentuate lines in some areas and remove faces which will never be seen from any angle
Since there is already a thread about this, I don't need to make a new one.

I'm trying to find the password for this model on bowlroll.
Searched a couple of hour, actually found a website that claims to have the password, entering it says its wrong though. Bad luck.

Any of you guys could help out?
Nevermind, I asked one of my japanese friends and he returned with the password like 30 seconds later.

It's "mmd"

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