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>Day 1: Start a new project, ok open up 3ds max
> Day 15: Finish modelling. Pull one vertex out to reveal a whole cosmogonic sea of unseen topology . Spend the next half week fixing topology.
Day 19: Start the painful process of UV unwrap, nothing works with automatic unwraps. Max crashes every 30 minutes as it lags through the entire ordeal. Literally a clusterfuck of UV's on every UDIM.
>Day 25: All UVs are arranged to size and material type. Start up Mari. It proceeds to crash and spasm 30 times before even starting the project. "OK BETTER TAKE THIS SLOWLY", load up only the head of my model and spend the next week learning the software.
>Day 32: Getting some nice textures going. Start putting down extra details,then everything goes to shit, projection camera splutters shit everywhere all over a my model. Reload, reset etc etc, nope, Mari just fucks up my texture every time I put down a stroke. OK. Buy a new PC, move project to new drive, update to Mari 4.0. NOPE NOPE NOPE, THE PROJECTION CAMERA IS STILL CORRUPT.

Do you have to be autistic to work in CG?
i wish you posted a pic of the project so we could tell you that your anatomy is absurdly off and that the entire thing was a waste of time from day 1.

also i've used nothing but blender since like 2011 and it crashes maybe once a week and i've never experienced anything even close to your dumb predicament. i guess there was a bug once where shape keys could get corrupted and that fucked me over a bit but that's the only serious technical fuckup i've experienced in six years.
That is what you get for not having a blender -> substance pipeline.
Mari vs Substance is so hard. Substance needs support for 2 4K UDIM textures, that's the best way to texture characters.
post your work
3d shouldn't take this long.

Watch streams and tutorials from competent artists and see how they do it, you're probably using incorrect tools or workflows. No shame in it, we're all cluelessly lost when we start out.

This correct, also adding to that sentence not making or blocking basic shapes.
>Pull one vertex out to reveal a whole cosmogonic sea of unseen topology . Spend the next half week fixing topology.
>Do you have to be autistic to work in CG?
bullshit myth, i don't know who is the /3/ user that propagated that belief

you can texture a character with any sized textures you want, for any purpose. its just a matter of managing your compression and RAM
you are worrying about things that are way beyond you, first have a solid character before bitching about resolution limits
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I don't struggle with modelling so much as Mari fucking me up so badly.
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Sounds like maybe you're just bad m8? In the sense that you could be the one to cause critical issues by not knowing the softwares at a decent level

Here we fucking go again
No anon, just no
Your pipeline is shit. MAX?! In 2017!!!!!

Use Maya


It has the best UV editor, improved modelling. Then, import to substance if you want cookie cutter textures that are "gud enuff" to fool normies but not good enough to fool real cg wizards.

Also, maya has arnold built right in. Max does not. This is huge.
Geez, take a chill pill
3dsmax is as efficient as Maya for modeling, now has an updated UV editor similar to Maya, and comes with Arnold. If you're not doing animation, it's a matter of personal preference at this point. For the common user, it always has been.
Just guessing from the welding spots but maybe you have too much geo. If you haven't done it already, try using a lower l.o.d and using a displacement map to get it to look like you want in the renders.
i use 3ds max 2010, everything works just fine, yes it crashes sometimes but just save often and have multiple copies of different versions of the file
A lot of the trouble is that his software keeps crashing. It's more likely that OP is using pirated software, and on a toaster at that.

Stop using a piece of shit PC and maybe you won't have so many problems. In fact, just use the educational versions of Autodesk software if you're so fucking poor. They're fully featured. The only difference is that it stamps the project files with ``Autodesk Educational''.

Plenty for a cockrocket trying to bumble his way around 3DCG.
>Stop using a piece of shit PC and maybe you won't have so many problems.
He bought a new PC. Can't you read?
I was being serious, not trying to meme Blender and Substance. Couldn't give less fucks about trolling on some stupid board. From my experience, 3ds max always crashed like crazy, while Blender is super comfortable to work with and almost never crashes. Don't know anything about Mari, though, but SP is also pretty nice and stable. He/you should at least try it before bitching about shilling.
>import to substance if you want cookie cutter textures that are "gud enuff" to fool normies but not good enough to fool real cg wizards.
What does this mean? Are you talking about default materials? I'm a bit dissapointed with materials SP provides me with, Quixel Suite has much nicer library but it crashes like crazy. Should I maybe give Mari a chance? Is it good for game art?
>buying an emachine qualifies as a new PC
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>be sculptfag
>use dynamesh most of the time and use zremesher occasionally to make my models
>don't have to retopo
>just use spotlight to paint on the textures of the model
>takes a week at most
>gonna use this to make hentai models and get $$$$ on pateron
>my fucking face when
I wasn't being a bitch here. Contrary to you, my experience with 3dsmax (10 years now) is super smooth. I think 2012 or 2013 had common crashes if I recall correctly, but all the other versions I've had since 2007 are really stable, even while working with a bunch of plugins. My initial point was that crashes can sometimes occur because the user is too n00b to understand what caused it. I wasnt trolling.

I wouldnt know about Mari either, but Substance is a bit hit or miss when it comes to stability. Designer is really decent.. I had more frequent and frustrating errors with Painter.
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