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What software are car companies using for rendering?
VRay most likely, for one reason:

ChaosGroup now offer VRscans which is an incredible library of scanned materials that seem heavily geared towards automotive subjects - it's mainly all plush expensive looking leather materials and the kinds of textured plastics you find in car interiors - there are even scanned gloss metal surfaces, which I was surprised by, but I guess there's a market for it.

I wouldn't have thought photographic sources for creating highly polished pristine metal surfaces was the optimum way to go, but I'll defer to the brainiacs at ChaosGroup.

This stuff is really expensive and really, really hi-res - so I would imagine that's very appealing to advertising agencies handling car accounts - which, alongside sports shoe advertising, is the top-tier of product advertisement.

(Full disclosure - one of my best friends is a senior graphic designer at <one of the world's biggest ad agencies>, and he oversees parts of the advertising for <very large Japanese auto manufacturer> and <very large sports shoe manufacturer>)
I'm pretty sure most people working in NURBS use Keyshot for Automotive renderings regardless of what you model in and sometimes studios that get scans of cars/ make scans or the few that have someone very talented in converting nurbs to poly will model in Vray because it's what they're used to for a more complicated scene around the model.
>prove to me more professionals do automotive rendering for actual car companies with polygon models. That seems really unnecessary and like a waste of time when the original files from the company are NURBS..

I think you are saying all of this without actually talking to anyone that does automotive renderings from CAD files.
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Nobody remotely serious about rendering uses Keyshot to produce final pieces.

why, Cycles™, of course! silly anon!
fake news as fuck
Cycles is shit tier and the industry knows it, hence why they use things like Vray >>595949
>Nobody remotely serious about rendering uses Keyshot to produce final pieces.
Then what's the point of Keyshot?
Asking because I'm learning to use it.
From what I know it relies a lot on built-in presets and basic tool to create shading and lighting setups, so it's no doubt really useful to modelers/sculptors who want to showcase their work in a great way without having to go through the hassle of learning advanced lighting and rendering techniques. I'm guessing it's also useful to create mockups and simple solutions, but when it comes to rendering realistic complex scenes or create nuanced marketing pieces, the tools are just too limited; it cannot compete with professional renderers like Vray, Arnold, or Renderman.
Prove it. Show us an automotive company that uses different rendering software to render NURBS.
Keyshot is physically accurate and designed for NURBS. You are comparing two different worlds.
I do not have any inside information related to automotive companies. I was just making a common point about the context in which Keyshot can be useful. What are you implying with your "physically accurate" statement?
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I'll just copy paste

"KeyShot is built on Luxion’s internally developed, physically correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination."

So, the answer is: yes, it is physically correct.

Of course, anything taking place in software inside a computer is a simulation. No matter what. Like living inside The Matrix. If you want real light you have to be out in the real world, in a real room lit with real lights or under the real sun.

Also pic is a screen shot of the bottom of the homepage of their website. A couple automotive companies that use Keyshot exclusively for starters

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