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I just saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WswIvZy7YOM and i was wondering, what did he do to do this? Is there a tutorial for doing something like this?
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I don't want to be an asshole, since we try to make /3/ different, but I'll only ask one fucking time, is this bait? Or this is legit shit?
What's wrong with OP's question?
The video he posted answers his own question. There's nothing special going on in that video, and it's a timelaspe of the model being made. So unless you're completely new to 3D, you should know exacty what he did and how to do it yourself.
and maybe op is new?
maybe you're taking your little corner of 4chan too seriously?

That's the point though, if he's new he should state that and ask where a good entry point or tutorial series for modeling in general is.
This is exactly why we need an updated sticky.
I mean I hate to be an ass, but you don't want someone coming into an anime board and saying "Wow I saw a cool anime clip on youtube, what even IS anime?"
It's a community for those who already do 3D.
So when we get someone who comes in and doesn't know the first thing about 3D, it's easy to become pissed.
This could be solved easily, if our sticky wasn't a PoS, though.
In a way, this is a tutorial. It is a timelapse (sped up) video of a process called "box modeling" (as opposed to "sculpting"). He's using 3d software (sometimes called "a 3d package") called Blender

The techniques he's using are really really sloppy, I suppose he's just going for speed though.

It's not bait, he's just super new. You might not remember being that new yourself but there's a point where you're so new to 3D that you don't even know enough to know how to ask real questions.

It's what results in the sort of baby talk babble questions that sometimes show up on /3/ (other than when someone's trying to "troll").

>it's easy to become pissed.
I don't think it's constructive to get pissed at someone for being new, maybe for not using one of the Questions threads (but then he's probably so new he doesn't even know that there is a Questions thread).
I get mad at the false flag software wars nonsense, that shit really misleads noobs.
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You're right, i overreacted, but /3/ is an overbaited board aswell, you have to be cautious, as you already mentioned there are false flagging blender/autodesk fags on every corner.
>if he's new he should state that
that's not a thing.
don't expect it to become a thing because that's just silly.

>you don't want someone coming into an anime board
i never want anybody to partake in the bullshit known as anime.
but asking questions is how people learn.
how they ask the question is up to them.
if you cannot handle how they inquired because you are easily triggered by nonsensical emotions, that's on you.

the more people that are interested in a field, the better.
help people instead of being a fucking rat cunt.
>That's not a thing
>We literally have another thread where someone has stated they were new and how to get into 3D

>Help people instead of being a fucking rat cunt
I help people on this board all the time.
If you can't handle people being asses maybe 4chan isn't for you.
Though I don't really disagree with the fact that it's annoying as shit.
>If you can't handle people being asses
i handled you just fine, kid.
I wish.
4chan is full of blunt truths. Sometimes you look like an ass because of it. This isn't something that needs to change.
As far as >>595619 this post, OP didn't really even ask a real question. I could link to literally any video and ask "How did they do that?" OP asked a shitty question.
>i don't want to be an asshole, since we try to make /3/ different, but
holy shit was that sentence useless. you do want to be an asshole, thats why youre being one. and /3/ is probably the board with the most pretentious, biggest pieces of shit on this entire south korean basketball forum, and needlessly might i add because of all the skill based boards /3/ has the most untalented losers as well. you guys are fucking worse than /ic/.
its just plain modeling

i can even say that he did a bad job blocking the shapes but the end result is good
File: 1511380212999.png (306 KB, 345x366)
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>Worst than /ic/

You were there?, No question why you are so outraged, did they hurt your boi pussy with all that bad feedback?, Ooh poor anon

Now yeah, we're assholes, but atleast sometimes we even are a little less asses and help the others if they aren't pussies
worse than /ic/ as in less talent and skill. you all are fuckin garbage at anything /3/ related other than shitposting
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This thread is full of sensitive sissies. All of you need to collectively grow a fucking spine.
If you aren't going to make it any better, and you have a problem with it, just leave.

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