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ZBrush 4R8 Love Thread.

Holy shit anons - I used to fucking *H*A*T*E this insane bullshit sculpting application.
It used to literally raise my bloodpressure. I would get a tension headache just thinking about it....Until I checked out the newest version...

Holy fuck. I get it now. I totally get why all those fucking weirdo masochists used to defend this shit. Only, I can't call them masochists anymore - because this shit now actually *works.*

Don't get me wrong - there's still a ton of legacy-workflow shit that is just totally annoying - (yes, shit still goes crazy if you do anything but hit 'edit' after placing your first tool) but on the whole the insane asylum that is Pixologic is gradually coming back to reality:

3D gizmo to move / rotate / scale. Yes - just like the one in Maya, Max or whatever. Yes - you just tap 'W' and you have the thing pop up to move your object around. Yes! It's true! I know right?!
You don't need to do the 'hold alt key, drag, then release' to zoom in and out! It's still there - but you can just use the Ctrl key now! Holy shit! Amazing! Just 'ctrl + drag' and you're zooming in and out! Incredible!
Live Boolean? It works. The icons in the sub-tool palette to use it are kinda indecipherable, but it works. It's good. I like it.
Scale master? Eh... it's still kinda dumb but it's a start.
Was the FBX import/export there before? If not - this is also a very welcome addition.
Image planes! Reference views!

Just... stuff that you're used to from 3D platforms from like, 20 years ago, is finally in Zbrush!

I actually like Zbrush now. I never, ever thought I'd hear myself say that. Am officially going to bat for this shit now.

Junior anons - if you want to stab yourself in the head every time you use Zbrush, but have not upgraded to 4R8 - do so, immediately.

YES. Zbrush has always been a pain in the ass but the addition of the simple goddamn fucking gizmo has made life worth living. Not having to fear moving things around I've been able to learn much more of the advanced features of the program I wouldn't otherwise want to bother with.
Huh, maybe I jump back to Zbrush from Blender if it is easier to navigate it with a mouse+ keyboard.
yeah it's just:
rotate = click drag
pan/scrub = alt + click drag
zoom = ctrl + click drag

it's the future.

zoom = ctrl + RIGHT click drag.
sounds a lot like you were paid to make this post but I'm glad thay zbrush is at least attempting to make their stuff easier to use
I remember how pissed the presenters were when introducing the new gizmo in Zbrush4r8.
>so, yeah, you not autist enough to use our awesome cryptic abstract gizmo, well then ehm... we just made a normal one for you like all others, so now just stop nagging and fuck off
zbrush is like sex with your wife.
it does the job but the other apps are more satisfying.
You think there are viral marketing teams strategically targeting the penniless losers in this fucking dump? Don't flatter yourself, fuckface.
you think he has that much of brain capacity to gasp where he really is?
The old translate tools weren't that bad, you big baby.
So I'm looking to add realistic welds to converted NURBS models. Any tips or tricks I can learn for wrapping welds around connetced pipes? I tried Z Brush in it's early stages for the same reason with a basic weld bead shaped brush, but being new to the program remember I remember it being hard to follow a fillet connecting joining pipes in a way that looks like a seamless weld..
Lazy mouse?
sounds like I struck a nerve
Adapt or die. You can’t remember what it’s like to be a complete newbie and you don’t want to. Get down in the dirt and get your hands dirty and learn like a kid again it will make you better.

The alt zoom in and out function works very well you just never bothered to put the effort in to learn it.
You sure made a bunch of assumptions about me didn't you, fuckface?
I got to grips with the alt-release function just fine, cocklord, but why should I, or anyone else, pretend that it is in any way an 'elegant' design solution to the problem? It clearly isn't. Acknowledging this has got fuck all to do with 'learning like a kid' or whatever cod-romantic bullshit you're spouting in the rest of your shitpost.

>>Adapt or die.

Said in a thread about a tool that has been adapted to address the complaints of users who didn't like it and didn't like adapting their way of working to suit it.
Way to make a point, fuckface.
Yeah, they were so not bad that almost every normal person who ever used Zbrush voiced confusion about why a simple translate tool needed to be so convoluted.
They were so not bad that the developers finally relented and put in a traditional tool that a significant chunk of the userbase repeatedly asked for.
They were so not bad that literally every review of 4R8 has said 'thank fuck we don't have to use the transpose tool for simple move operations anymore'.

'Not that bad' is not something you should have to put up with when you're handing over £500 for an application that has been in development for decades.

'Standards' - they're not just for hot women and Mac users.
>> 'thank fuck we don't have to use the transpose tool for simple move operations anymore'.

The transpose tool is awesome - for POSING.

For just moving an object around a little in the scene? No. Obviously not.
How is forcing the user to draw a little line that snaps to camera-projected normals every time he wants to just move something around better than just giving him a choice of three little arrows to pull around?
Why do people defend things that are obviously stupid just because they've gotten used to them, and then even reject the idea that they can be improved?
And you can bet your ass that these are the same gamergate neckbeards who hate SJWs because they're so hidebound to 'ideology'...
>And you can bet your ass that these are the same gamergate neckbeards who hate SJWs because they're so hidebound to 'ideology'...
Ohoho thanks for the hearty laugh.

Not the guy you're talking to you. While you may not be one, and I'm not, I think there's a pretty obvious overlap between the kinds of people on here that get angry about Mac users and call them Macfags or call people who like Blender 'niggers' and stuff like that, with the neckbeards posting those fuckin frog memes on /b/ or whatever.
This threads is going to make me download Zbrush again.
You are rude for starters, you are afraid of really learning, and um your gay.
You talk like you are old btw.
I wouldn't call it standards I'd call it babies complaining. These days you get people expecting others to cater to their every whim and they cry until they get their way. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Still this fostering of entitlement is unhealthy.

Pixelogic should have added the tool in long ago but the way people freak out over it is just a joke.
Ah... it's really not whinging entitlement when it's a commercial product that you pay for. But, I'm getting the impression you don't pay for it, and so you think of it as a service like garbage collection, so you expect everyone else to be grateful for it because it didn't cost them anything - forgetting that other people actually pay for stuff.

You're coming across pretty Russian.

And its 'Pixologic.' Surprising you'd get that wrong being as you have the level of experience with it you're implying.
I won't be memed into anymore.
fuck off
I consider myself a fast learner and I think I had far less problems with Zbrush than the average new user, but still, you just can't say that it's controls were not garbage. If you're using it with a mouse, it's a pain in the ass compared to some other sculpting tools. I can learn how to work with every workflow, but it becomes fucking annoying when every program decides to do basic things differently and I always have to reset my mind for a few minutes before I get comfortable using it again.
There are still fuckloads of things about the UI that could be improved. The sliders, for example - of which there are *many* - are just fucking unusable - you just *touch* them with the stylus and they go fucking apeshit. You have to basically input a value with the keyboard and then hit enter.... even when you've clicked off... hnnnnnngh....

It's fucking incredible. Max has a perfect implementation of value sliders; hold alt to make it more granular, and it screen-wraps the cursor if you have to keep dragging.

Zbrush though? Nope. Just random fucking chaos every time you touch the fucking things.
Whats with this over-analytical thought process you are playing guessing games my dude.

Cut the Sherlock Holmes shit, please.
when your main complains are that you can not learn basic tools and can not get over that mesh is named tool. then you can not take 30 minutes to setup UI to your needs... well, you just suck
Zbrush is one of the biggest things that happened in 3d world.
and generally sculpting made 3d modeling much, much more artist friendly and controlled medium. if you know how to draw, even if you have gasped how to get desired shapes with pencil, then you just need to learn sculpting tools.
from what I see most people who complain, learned it because they needed it, not because they wanted it...
File: 1280.jpg (293 KB, 1280x2078)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
When are fuckwipes like you gonna discern the difference between not being able to use a thing, and pointing out that the thing could obviously be improved?
You want a weld that looks like a machine welded it, or do you wand a weld that looks like some beginnerfag welding student did it?

If you want the welding machine look, that's super easy--those things are fucking amazing. All you gotta do is get ONE bead correct and then clone them around.
At the part where he makes a knitting pattern: https://youtu.be/dvCompIskoY?t=191

Shitty welds require more attention to detail.
If you need references, just go to /diy/ and make a thread asking people to post their welds. It's happened before.
hey I like the transpose tool tho, maybe i just got used to it and I still like it more than the new gizmo.
can one of you fags explain to me how the fuck I close a project in zbrush? there doesn't seem to be an option

yes I've read the sticky
so in other words, a successful business should build a UI and finally make it conventional intentionally? Btw, cam controls were ez as fuq before, y'all were just being bitches.
File: 1343853830219.png (85 KB, 192x187)
85 KB
Did they make it an actual sculpting program?

Or is it still whatever the fuck they intended Zbrush to be at it's core?
If you're asking 'does shit still go fucking cray if you forget to hit the 'edit' button?' then I'm afraid the answer is still yes.
File: 1511189310653.jpg (81 KB, 842x792)
81 KB
> $800
File: 4xmwz3itf4401.gif (2.4 MB, 336x198)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
3D applications are marketed to companies and schools, not individuals. There's nothing morally wrong with pirating the software.
Nobody /realistically/ expects beginners to drop thousands of dollars on these programs. Organizations making an actual product need to have legitimate licenses, that's where the money is made.

Nobody gives a fuck if Joe Hobbyist from 4chins pirates Zbrush, because the only way he'll make money with it is if he works for someone who bought the licenses.
File: RENDER_step01.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
saves project
then start a new one, close app, do whathever

Don't you think they'd make way more dosh if the software was 200 a pop?
Companies and schools would still get it but additionally a TON more individual artists would too.
I really don't think so.
I think you overestimate the monetary liberty of independent artists
Tell that to the foundry, there's a fucking manhunt going on with pirated Nuke users. And their rental program is fucking absurd for beginners
I would drop £200 on Zbrush without a second thought. I'm certainly not flush by any means - but I'd find £200 for Zbrush, for sure.
I can only speak for myself but it really is just my own financial limitations that stop me from buying stuff - if there was anyway I could find the dough to own this gear I really would but dropping £800 to buy/learn a tool to get into such a competitive industry is just too much of a gamble.
£200 - yeah, £800 - sorry, can't do it.
Is this for real? I've heard loads of chat about this around here, but nowhere else. What's the evidence?
I mean, not just evidence like it's secretly opening ports and phoning home (which is bad if true) but I mean like, someone getting an email warning them or getting a knock on the door? Seriously asking, not trolling.
There's a well known guy in the industry here in my country saying that several of his students got emails from the foundry threatening legal action, basically they'd make you buy a nuke license + a year of maintenance


Well... ok this is the first time I've heard this and it immediately sounds like a scam run by the pirates who distributed the cracked software

I got almost got caught out just recently by a scam in a crack on CG peers - sidenote: STAY AWAY FROM CRACKED COPIES OF FUMEFX! The crack involved installing a busted license server executable - exactly the same as Foundry software - do you see where this is going?

As with every crack - it gets flagged by malware/virus protection so you have to ignore it a bit - but then a bunch of weird shit happened:
1. I get an alert from Google that someone was trying to get into one of my Gmail addresses with the password, but it was coming from a weird location (Brazil) so they got locked out. (They probably somehow got a look at my other email addresses, and I'm slightly worried about what they found in there, but that's another matter)
2. The cracked license server app just all of a sudden wants to modify my account picture on my PC - Windows defender blocks it.
3. My computer randomly just disconnects from my wi-fi, out of nowhere and... here's the kicker... removes my wi-fi password, thereby forcing me to re-enter it. That action was almost certainly recorded by a key-logger. I didn't twig at the time. What the fuck they were gonna do with my wi-fi password is anyone's guess but heyho.
4. This was the big one - Steam Guard on my iPhone all of sudden starts pinging me that someone is trying to get into my Steam account - WITH MY PASSWORD.

So I shut down all internet connections - and check wtf is going on and yep - the cracked license .exe was also running alongside a batch file that was opening a bunch of ports with 'echo off'.
I'm still worried about what else they got on me...


This type of scam where pirates/scammers front as a legit software seller is old as fuck. Indian call centers have been scamming old people all round the world for years - claiming to be Microsoft and charging a 'maintenance fee' for 'looking after' your computer.
What they actually do is trick the old guys into installing Team Viewer and granting absolute admin privileges to them - they then install all kinds of shit. Another thing they do is offer to install 'discounted' software - Office and shit like that, for way cheaper than regular retail prices and then they just install a cracked version filled with more malware.

There is no way The Foundry would chase down foreign pirates and then just offer them a purchase option. No way. That is 100% being done by Pirates.

I remain unconvinced The Foundry are behind this.
lets hope so. I'm a junior compositor and I have no chance of buying a license right now. Why can't they have a non retarded indie version like Houdini...
Well.... even if it's not The Foundry, you really need to check the Foundry Licence Server executable you're running isn't just punching holes in your firewall all over the place. Check to see if there's a .bat file in the same location the license server .exe is located on your machine, if there is - open it in notepad or something and see if it's opening ports.
Also - go through your windows firewall advanced settings and filter for any rules about open ports - because even if you blocked ingoing/outgoing traffic from Nuke - the license server app may still be exposing you.
Just draw a new thing, hit edit, and then ctrl+n
What site did you use to download fumefx? I have used the license server thing to crack for years. cgpeers years ago and just recently cgpersia, no issues for me.
Out of interest, what have you got against zbrush core?
I guess my main problem with it is that I don't know what it is.
You have to hunt around to find the feature comparison. I don't have anywhere near enough experience to know how much of a difference it makes, your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Ok just looked - had no idea this lite Zbrush existed before now so thanks for that....

It has 3 deal breakers for me;
1. No projection painting. I use this a lot, not for texture painting but for quickly projecting photo reference over my sculpt and working to it. That would be a major bummer to lose that.
2. Limited to 30 brushes! Not sure what this means - whether it's that it comes with only 30 preset brushes loaded in which case that raises the question 'which brushes'. It may however mean you can only actually have 30 brushes loaded at a time which would suuuuuck as I have a shitload of brushes (many of which I've bought) and if I can't have access to them without unloading other brushes that would suck massive balls.
3. Half a dealbreaker here - it allows you to have 20 million polys in a scene. While this very rarely happens to me, I can see that it could cause grief in some (rare) situations.
4. Another half dealbreaker - can't import FBX files. Again - while I rarely need to, I do occasionally do this - bringing landscapes in from UE4 for tweaking etc.

So.... it still looks really good for the money.... I'll have to see what the upgrade path to the full version is like and have a think about it.
It's not pirates with Foundry. There's a thread on cgtalk about this exact situation. If anyone is using cracked nuke, even if he never got a warning from foundry, he can be sure as hell, that he's already on the foundry's blacklist.
There is still no solid evidence for this. All the incidents where I'm seeing this being talked about sound exactly like the above situation. As far as I can tell The Foundry have not confirmed that they are doing this either, and again - all the incidents of this happening are originating from shit-tier countries full of untrustworthy religious rapists and peasants like Turkey.
It might be the foundry sure; they've not denied it - but it still has the feel about it that it may just be hackers who distributed the software.
I'm 50:50 on this. Still not convinced.
Anon has hit the problem-nail on the head here.
When Pixologic finally end support for legacy 2.5D workflows, then I can see it being a much, much better product. Who is using Zbrush as a 2D illustration tool? Seriously, I'm asking.

Until then maybe they could offer a version called 'Zbrush Legacy' with all that shit in it, and in the regular versions just phase it out already - let the customers decide.
Read through this thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=2&t=1151366&page=1&pp=15
It's quite long, but eventually it is proven by people, who were actually contacted by foundry.
Also, from my own anecdotal experience - a local studio was using cracked nuke. At some point they decided to buy it. When they tried it, they were immediately contacted by foundry, that knew, that they were already using cracked software. Studio ended up buying a few extra licenses, so that foundry would not pursue the issue (however I really doubt, that foundry would try to go to court, or start an investigation or whatever )
>Studio ended up buying a few extra licenses, so that foundry would not pursue the issue (however I really doubt, that foundry would try to go to court, or start an investigation or whatever )

If true, this borders on racketeering or purgery. Other allegations that The Foundry had threatened a company who were using their cracked products that they'd go public with the info and contact their clients and inform them - this is fucking blackmail and implicates them in what could only be classed as corporate espionage. If true, they're stealing sensitive account information from a business; now I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure that unless you're a law enforcement agency with a warrant - you're really, really not allowed to do this.

But still - I can't make up my mind about this;

Reasons to believe The Foundry are behind it:
Every example has come from what are basically third world countries where the notion of 'white-collar crime' essentially does not exist, and even if it did, the criminals in question would not have the power to bring a legal case across foreign borders.
So, maybe The Foundry are just applying some street justice 'fight fire with fire' type shit to spread fear safe in the knowledge there's fuck-all the people they're targeting can do about it.

Reasons to believe it's hackers:
It just seems like a lot of risk and effort on the part of the Foundry. It seems likely they're breaking more laws in doing this than the pirates who are guilty of basic copyright theft - The Foundry are basically engaging in black-hat cybercrime. All for what? How many more sales are they really gonna attain from this?
If they tried this shit on with a British company - that company would seriously consider taking the rap for a copyright theft charge in order to countersue The Foundry with evidence of highly illegal data theft and attempted bribery.

If I hear of a UK company being targeted like this by them then ok - I'll accept its the Foundry.
File: MinistryofPeaceofMind.png (54 KB, 961x651)
54 KB

Ok - I'm coming round to the fact that it is The Foundry. Just looked at their site and found this vaguely threatening slice of George Orwell fanfiction. Pic related

>brainlets the thread

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