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What is your opinion on masterpiece?
I figure if you use the same methods used in 3d printing pen art you should be able to sculpt some pretty nice stuff

Now make AAA art with it. I couldn't even begin to think how stressful it would be to try and sculpt in a 3D space without a physical touch. You're waving into the air and you think it's going to be fun? Give me a wacom any day over this please.
>it would be to try and sculpt in a 3D space without a physical touch.
It's incredibly intuitive, you contrarian nojob retard. All the VR sculpt tools are all lacking in features (aka they aren't Zbrush), and it's more physically demanding to sculpt this way and you're going to be faster doing it the conventional way because you've already spent a lifetime mastering the conventional way

20 years from now? VR sculpting may well be the norm since by then it'll have been integrated in ZBrush and even thirdworlders will be able to afford the necessary hardware
Right now? It's worthless. I sculpt with clay on a daily basis and use wacom exclusively for all my sculpting. Without proper physical feel you will have nothing. You have no pressure sensing, you have no real weight to whatever you sculpt. You're absolutely worthless if you think waving into the air in VR right now is acceptable for detailed sculpts. You are sculpting on absolutely nothing. Yeah, maybe twenty years from now it might be something. But right now? It's fucking worthless and any person who actually works with kilns and clay would know why.
Have fun with your dumb gimmick, it's worthless if you want precision. Won't be responding or reading your reply again because you show such lack of insight into how real sculpting works, and why proxy sculpting with something like a cintiq is the only other viable solution right now.

I've tried the Vive demo where you draw in 3d like this - it's neat but it doesn't offer any advantages compared to current sculpting and modelling methods. The most you get out of it is a sense of scale.
>proxy sculpting
what is proxy sculpting?

You move in 3d handling a 3d object - thats already something you cant do with a tablet. What they fail to do is apply a 2 hand approach, holding the sculpt with one, but they'll get to it eventually.

>that if u were working a klin u'd know nonargument

c'mon now, son

>in 20 years

I have no face and I must reactimage.jpg

haptics are something that is already in those controllers, you know. If you're mental I guess you could mount an arm to the desk you're sitting at and connect it to the controller so it could apply real resistance when you come in contact with the clay via the same mechanic as the haptics, but thats not something that takes 20 years, you numpty.

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