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I'm using keyshot for rendering & trying to achieve a realistic vehicle paint look.
Get better at lighting and try the HDR Light Studio plug in if possible. The default glossy paints and Axalta are pretty close to just drag and drop. The metallic and matte colors will need adjustments in the metal flakes / mattes usually need less roughness and refraction, metals/textures can take more adjustments and of course a lot longer render times.

There's too much to get into in general. Every type of paint takes practice to learn how to set the colors and also your scene/lighting to show them the best possible. Adding your own real floor plane and sometimes simple objects to become lights will help with shadows / reflections for cars a lot of the time. Start watching tutorials for every type of material / lighting.
Alright. Thanks m8.
car paint tints white light reflection very slightly.
so if you can get that to be a thing in your program i would look into that.

and even though unrelated to your question, the plastics require more roughness/less reflectivity.
vehicle body plastic like bumpers and sideview mirrors absorb light.

your tires, the tread should be flat shaded, the walls should be smooth shaded, rubber absorbs more light than the plastic.

the parts around the door windows (the black frame) should not have any shine as they're matte finish.

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