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do i need a faggy university degree to work in the industry or just an impressive show reel,i am wasting my money on getting a bachelors degree at the moment also should i drop out ?
Impressive reel and also a good set amount of contacts/friends. University faggotry can help you to make connections but not an outstanding demo reel
Make shit and make friends in relevant areas
Let's say,i drop out and from noe on I am working isolated for 3 years in order to produce a masterful showreel,how do I promote my shit and get those connections ?
You can't and you won't produce anything noteworthy. Don't isolate yourself, that's the worst thing to do.
How do you know that?,at the moment my stuff is decent
If you lack the qualities to finish the degree you've started you ain't got a chance in hell.
On the contrary, my tutors told me that I am too good for the course and that I am more experienced than the other students and its better if I could try for a masters degree instead.
they are trying to grease you up and put you into that masters degree oven. They are salespeople and get kickbacks you know.
Could you post some work of yours?
That's why I asked if its possible to avoid their Jewish tricks and get my feet straight forward to the industry based on my work without a useless degree and connections which I don't have.
My dad has worked at an Ivy League school for 25 years with only a bachelors in philosophy

Editing some mustaches out in After Effects is what you'll be doing and even then, you'll have to make literally so little youll have to beat out the shitskins and gooks. You wont need that Masters degree, thats for damned sure.
>wasting my money on getting a bachelors degree
the only money ever wasted on a degree is in liberal arts and womyn's studies.

finish your degree, showreel is far more important but a degree stops your resume from become insta-trashed.

you could send me the best showreel i've ever seen, without a degree on your resume, i'm not even looking at it.

that's the real state of the 3d job market unless it specifically calls for entry level and the description/listing specifically does not mention a degree requirement.

however most require prior experience if not entry level.

>entry level

>non-entry level
>you could send me the best showreel i've ever seen, without a degree on your resume, i'm not even looking at it.
this triggers /3/
Degrees in art have three main purposes:

-Let you work abroad by helping you obtain work visas more easily (i.e. if you come from outside the US, you only need 3 years of relevant work experience to get a H1B with a college degree as opposed to 9 years without)
-Help you make contacts with industry people (your teachers, graduates from the institution) and future industry people (your classmates)
-Provide you with some direction and motivation if you struggle to learn and do work on your own

That said, you don't *need* a degree to work in CG, and talented artists are hired on their portfolio alone (contacts pretty much help you if you're shit). So if you're disciplined, able to learn on your own, and aren't planning to work in a different country, I would save the money and skip the degree in favor of self-teaching and improving in art communities.

Most if not all art degrees contain a wide selection of irrelevant courses and BS you have to go through. Especially in CG, a lot of teachers teach full-time and can be very out of touch with the industry and up-to-date practices. There's a lot of bad mixed-in with the good, and I personally would avoid degrees in CG unless they come from a very reputed school. (And currently reputable, I couldn't confirm but I heard the quality of Gnomon has gone down a lot recently, for example).

Source: Got a degree in art, currently pursuing a second one in 3d I'm about to drop because I learned everything online and talking to industry people rather than at school.
This is BS, no hiring department I know of in games will skip an applicant's portfolio for not having a degree, and this includes some of the biggest game developers with the most normie, business-oriented attitudes out there.

People will see your folio. If your folio is good, they will want to hire you. A degree can provide a boost to your resume, but lack of it is not a deterrent as it is not the primary way you demonstrate your ability to do the job in this line of work.
What are you getting your degree in? If you're getting it in something art related (3d or otherwise) drop it and go into a trade instead and do 3d in your own time
OP there are only two schools: Gnomon, and Full Sail

If you aren't going to one of those, you fucked up. Dropping out would be retarded, you already spent time and money, either look into transferring to Gnomon or Full Sail (if that's even a thing) or just finish your degree.
>no hiring department I know of in games will skip an applicant's portfolio for not having a degree
welcome to activision/blizzard, ea, and bethesda.
I have spoken to artists from both EA and Activision and can debunk this.

>Dropping out would be retarded, you already spent time and money
Look up sunk cost fallacy.
If you're close to finishing your degree then yes, get it, it has its uses. If not, and you're really wasting your time, you're better off dropping out and getting started with the serious learning/work now than when you get out of school in 2 years and are in the exact same position you are now.
Why couldn't he just practice as much as he can on the side? A degree is a degree, although I don't know how much is he paying for it...
post work?
File: 1510852729735.gif (3.52 MB, 490x476)
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>How do you know that?

do you even realise where you are son

im not him but shit, i went to a trheeydeey school, i did the isolation route,i had hopes

imagine my shock and enthusiasm when life happened and bills, health, women and dissapointment happened.

dont ever fucking isolate yourself, try to get to know as many persons as you can and make yourself invaluable
you dont need semniars to boost your creativity, you dont need seclusion
you just need to have people constantly monitor your shit irl and use that as motivation and also as an anchor to be able to latch on to when you need them
also , you can create quality shit in less than a year of learning 3d
6 months if you are diligent
>you could send me the best showreel i've ever seen, without a degree on your resume, i'm not even looking at it.

Why would anyone send their portfolio to a NEET roleplaying as an industry expert?

The link you gave at the end said "Must have 3 years experience, ideally must have shipped a game"; there's nothing about needing a degree.
>at the moment my stuff is decent
What do you base that baseless assessment off of?
"Feedback" from people that don't want to hurt your feelings? People you're paying to teach you?
Get fucking real faggot. You know what the difference is between a good artist and a great artist?
A great artist listens to feedback and learns from it.
you are right,i guess i have to much enthusiasm and hope,i spent the last 6 years studying visual effects mostly compositing(photography,lightning,composition) and the last 2 just pure 3d,i was planning to use the next 3 years with the intention of creating at least 1 or 2 fully 3d short films and advertise them at film festivals but at the end i will most likely fall on my face.
>Feedback" from people that don't want to hurt your feelings?
not quite,i've been comparing my work with well known artist on artstation and every time i get closer and as you said most of the people that saw my work were impressed but their feedback is most likely dishonest.If i put the time and effort.I believe that i will achieve something and if it's good or bad only time can show.
It all depends on how much he needs a degree and what he wants it for, as well as the quality of the degree.

A good school will give you industry-relevant assignments that you can expand on and built a portfolio with. On the other hand, there are schools that will have you model cats with nurbs and write 3000-word texts on the meaning of life. Time wasted doing shit like this is time you can't spend on 3D, and it kills your motivation, which is why some people are actually better dropping out and taking a sabbatical (if they can) to improve their art.
My suggestion and my opinion.

Since you haven't told us which school you're in I will try to come up with a criteria for you to decide if it is worth spending your time in this school.

1.Teachers are good (have a decent portfolio) and you can get good critique from them.
2.There're enough assignments to challenge yourself to get best result.
3.Classmates are your friends and show interest in CG industry.
4.School keeps contact with industry. They invite proffesionals to tell you about how it is to work at companies and so you students also have ability to show their work to those who work in this industry.
5.School organizes social activities.
6.School grants you Bachelors papers when you finish it.

If your school manage to do those 6 It's a worth school to spend time to.
Also I highly recommend not to isolate yourself to work alone until you get good. Humans are social beings and we tend to do our things better when we surrounded by people like us.

But maybe you did your calculations and decided that being in dept is not an option for school like this.

Do your own research, try to measure all pros and cons.
Make sure you have a plan if you try to succed at something.

Wish you best.
thank you,I study at the university of the creative arts in england,i chose this university for it's film production program which was supposed to be good but to my surprise,it was terrible that's why i transitioned to their animation program.

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