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how can i rip the 3d models from the psx version of THPS2?
If I recall correctly it's hard to rip models from the PSX due to some bullshit.
However, check https://www.models-resource.com/ to see if they already have it.
Yeah that's correct, for that reason i tried to rip the models from the pc version with 3D ripper DX, but it didn't work (also, i fucking can't run the game with low quality textures, so it would be usless).
Checked out time ago, they only have one file and it's just a load of garbage (literaly).
model ripping from ps1 games requires a ps1 devkit.

you can get audio and fmv's, however.
>Requires a PSX Devkit
Would this be that?
on the proper track, yes.
but you still would need a model decompiler as far as i know.
They're probably going to be your best lead, lots of activity in FFHacktics still.
>requires devkit
We have psx emulators. Surely you could just hijack them from there at worst.
I'm not someone who rips models. Just a software person. I'd run Nsight (or renderdoc etc) on the emulator, capture a frame and get the model and associated bound textures.
Of course that's assuming the emulator is HW accelerated. With software rendering that'd be harder. But I imagine there's at least one open source psx emulator you could run and do some simple detective work on to get at the models.
Apparently the emulators just squash them on the Z axis or something.
PSX games have no z-buffer, there still are no emulators that have, z buffer support.
not true. there's a modded pcsx-r that implements it

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