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Hi /3/. I made this. It took about 5 hours total. Unfortunately it doesn't have any bump maps or anything on it, just the textures.

Is this good? I'm trying to create a portfolio so that maybe i can get hired to make assets for games or whatever. I'm planning on doing at least one of these a month because i'm sort of busy.
it's not the worst thing i've ever seen (it's not even the worst thing on this board) but there's some glaring issues.
Scale wise it doesn't work, look at the size of the grass its sitting on, it would be a kids playhouse except no kid could get through that door. If you want to put it in an environment make it look like its part of it, anything slapped on top of grass looks awful.
The wall on the left has an obvious texture seam that doesn't line up, that's sloppy.
The texture on the front and side of the deck is wonky and doesn't line up, again, sloppy.
The corrugated iron(?) on the roof sticks out each side quite far and if it is corrugated iron its waay too thick.
Overall it looks over saturated.
thanks for the tips. I'll touch it up when i have the time.
>Is this good?
You already described all the ways it already fails, you KNOW it isn't good.

>I'm trying to create a portfolio so that maybe i can get hired
Look at the work on sites like ArtStation and ask yourself if you would hire you when there's people without a job on AS.

>one of these a month
You don't learn a job "once a month", you should be doing tutorials and DVDs (Gnomon, PIRATE THEM) any time you aren't doing your school work (as you're obviously still in high school)

>i'm sort of busy.
Then this is just a hobby for you and it's pointless to think of it in terms of "getting hired" but then again you are a non-committal piece of shit that does substandard work (and KNOWS IT) and then asks people "is this good".

Does what I said sound harsh? Good faggot, get upset and change your ways. Either double down on your commitment or find something else to do, but change your fucking ways. Right now you're on the slow track to mediocrity, the amateur "I'll never be as good as the pros so why should I even try, I'll just do this for fun every now and again while wishing I was better but not getting better" catch 22 amateur shitter cycle that ensnares many a faggot.
I'm sorry we're not able to give upboats on this website, but so much THIS! We need more roasts on /3/, otherwise lazy ass faggots will always stay mediocre at best. It is for their/our own good. Maybe like /p/, but with a bit less shitpost roasts.

But I just want to say that ArtStation actually has plenty of garbage on it. Let's not ignore that.
Lol k
hes right you know.
if you have to ask if you are /fit/, you arent fit enough, artstation is a good gauge for where you are att
you should do tuts almost all of the time if you have the patience for it then apply that
You already posted this like a week ago. kys.
>thread is 12 days old
You have near-to-zero understanding of proportion and scale.

Good luck with your future career as an artist!
To everyone talking about Artstation, that's all fine and good - yes there's some truly awesome artwork on there and it's a good resource...

But here's a fun little trick;

When you go there, change the stream on the front page from 'trending' (ie: artworks which are getting a lot of likes/attention) to 'latest' (ie; just a timeline of absolutely everything that gets uploaded).... hoo boy.... does this ever put things into perspective.

It gives you an idea of the signal to noise ratio that you're up against. 99.99% of stuff submitted is absolute, unfiltered, premium-strength garbage of the highest regard.

If you think the stuff you see on the front page of Artstation is the average, you're wrong. Artwork of that quality is very much the minority.
The model itself is fairly good, but definitely in need of some tweaking.
As far as geometry:

>The roof just feels off, I think some of it is due to the fact that the sheet metal extends so far past the rest of the roof.

>The chevron-shaped supports under the roof feel too wide and are drawing the viewers attention almost entirely to the roof.

>The balusters have zero visual interest.

>Window frames are almost look like they're from a cartoon. Most windows in the real world are rectangular and consist of multiple layers of wood and glass.

As far as textures go:

>The wood texture you're using for your stairs, railings, and support is really jarring. It feels very out of place compared to the other textures. It looks rough and unfinished compared to the other textures which have been painted or stained.

>Fix the seam on the side of the house.

You definitely have some skill, there can be no doubt about that. The fact that it only took you about five hours to model this is impressive. You're well on your way, so keep it up. I'd love to see more of your stuff, if you're still watching this thread, OP.
Fukken this
I get motivated to do better when I see impressive shit but I know how much trash is also being made
Thinking everyone is god tier will make you feel worse and demoralised
Even some of the trending stuff with hundreds of likes is garbage.
I'm doing pretty well on Artstation considering how long I've been on there and how much I've uploaded - I joined in September, I've only uploaded two things (I refuse to upload unfinished stuff atm - that may change) and have 108 likes (89 for one, 19 for the other) and 43 followers.

But when I check the profiles of the people who like and/or follow me I either see totally empty profiles or profiles full of amateurish, half-baked, unfinished shit (or as they refer to it - 'experiments' or 'tests').

There's a corny old saying, the kind of thing your dad would say - but it's true: 'go the extra mile, it's not that far and it's way less crowded'

99% of people are lazy.
99% of people are talentless.

If you're lazy, you're fucked. If you're lazy and talentless, you're fucked.

If you're just talentless though - you're in luck because you can overcome a lack of talent with a fucking intense, obsessive, maniacal persistence. But most people just don't, and so they will forever suck.

ArtStation is testament to that.
I floated around the bottom of the trending page with one submission back in september. Not ashamed to admit it felt good.
Same man, I refuse to upload anything but my best and completely finished works

Most people upload literally anything on artstation like they're showing it to their mum and saying "look I made this"
I'll never understand this. Unless you're an extremely skilled pro and regularly have people asking you 'so how did you do that? how many times did you change this thing or that thing? where did you start on this part?' - NO ONE wants to see your unfinished shit. NO ONE. Keep it to yourself.

If I had gallery show and all the pictures on the walls were pages out of my sketchbook with little scribbles and notes in pads and stuff - I would be rightly castigated for wasting people's time. Same goes for ArtStation.

Sure - show your workings *after* your finished piece - ok. And sure, keep your workings for your own sake. But no - we do not need to be kept updated on the progress of 'MassEffect_Inspired_Interior_v_15.4' thanks very much.
File: 1512968393469.gif (1.89 MB, 320x245)
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1.89 MB GIF
Couldn't have said it better myself
Good farings to you my dude

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