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File: 3DC.jpg (59 KB, 538x344)
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I bought 3D Coat during the black friday discount, intending to use it primarily for texture painting, and I'm pretty satisfied with it just for that task. I was wondering, though, if anyone here's used it for sculpting/retopo/UV/other such tasks and could comment on how it handles those, whether it's worth trying (Since I now own it legally), & any general comments on pros & cons of the other features it has. I was entirely sold on the texture painting function, having trialed it for that purpose and known a few other artists that use it for stylized texturing, and don't know much about where it stands in regards to its other features. If anyone's tried the other features, I'd like to hear about your experiences with it, positive or negative.

Not looking for shit like "Pirate x instead", I don't want a software wars thread, but objective comparisons to existing software is fine with me. I want to know more about 3DCoat, not about why ZBrush is teh k00lest and I should pirate that instead.
It has amazing retopology tools, and UV.
I feel like I'm the only person on the board who uses it for sculpting. I really like it, but I never used any other sculpting software.

It's a tool you can use for multiple jobs, without subscription, so it is great for a hobbyist like myself.

There are some tutorials out there, but you're not gonna find many courses out there specific to the 3d-Coat.

Painting textures is really fun, but I am not interested in PBR, and if I was, I would probably buy Substance.

Download extra resources from their website https://3dcoat.com/download/#8
just get a subscription to Maya, it has the #1 uv editor in the industry right now
Dude, if you have the skills and your 3D Coat does the job, by all means go for it.
I personally use Zbrush for all my organic modelling needs, as he also have Auto-retopology and auto UV unwrap.
I actually have the steam version of it, that one you can´t make money of or else. Then one of the devs showed up saying that Jesus is real and that he wouldn´t tolerate lewds made with his christian software or whatever.
This was just a little push that convinced me to use Zbrush instead. Zbrush is a great deal, as you can perpetually get all the software updates after buying the curent version. Sigh, if only 3ds Max was the same...
>Then one of the devs showed up saying that Jesus is real and that he wouldn´t tolerate lewds made with his christian software or whatever.

I've seen that, it's not a binding agreement and just a "we'd rather you didn't" from a bunch of superstitious Ukrainians. They're not watching you to make sure you don't sculpt a boobe, that's God's job.
I'm pretty impressed with the voxel sculpting so far, being able to pull polys out of thin air and have them immediately merge with the main mesh without any issue feels really good. I'm assuming the main downside compared to ZBrush is the performance.

ZBrush is $800USD. Which I can afford, but it's still $800USD. I could upgrade my system for that much.

As stupid as it is, it really doesn't say anywhere that you are legally not allowed to make demons raping women with horse dicks.

Even in their EULA says, they cannot do anything, and the choice is for you to make.

So there you have it. I am fine using software made by christians, for my non religious needs, and anything else can be ignored
I love voxel sculpting, I prefer it over surface mode, because it really lets you just be creative from the get go without thinking about technicality, but it really is a pain when you don't want everything to be merged. Knowing when to switch to surface mode is important.
File: Zbrush Dynamesh.jpg (93 KB, 1114x603)
93 KB
>that's God's job
>superstitious Ukrainians
Superstition gives bad luck. Zrush does have a voxel modelling mode too, called Dynamesh, which controlled amounts of voxel spacing.
You can turn subtools into Dynamesh back and forth, combine, extract, and distort while painting at the same time.
I'll have to try it. I honestly get pretty lost in all the terminology/interface weirdness in ZBrush so I'm sure there's a billion features I've never noticed. By comparison, 3D Coat seems pretty natural and intuitive but it's already noticeably less capable of handling detailed models than ZBrush. Guess it'll come down to whether the performance is something I can work around. I'm due for a PC upgrade, anyway.
File: Zbrush Dynamesh 02 .jpg (53 KB, 466x850)
53 KB
Zbrush interface is its only downsize - i´ve been using the thing since R3 and finally bought it on R5, and i STILL struggle with the damn menu - i can´t customize it for shit, and i had to memorize 3245 shortcuts to use it in what´s considered an amateur way by the devs.
At least there´s no christian EULA asking to not put vagina dicks on the models - which is a blessing, considering how those grown on the mesh in an instant of distraction.
I like the UV tools personally.
So I do both UV + texture in 3DCoat
iirc it used to be "DO NOT OR ELSE" and now it's just "Please, think of the children!"
File: Zbrush Dynamesh 03 .jpg (44 KB, 467x849)
44 KB
>"Please, think of the children!"
...we better not, it would be worse. Ask any catholic priest.
I saw the earlier version of it, it's never been threatening and never gotten anywhere near a "DO NOT OR ELSE" sort of message. At one point they would blast you with the "PLEASE BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN" message the first time you opened the software, though.
Not threatening to the user, but I thought at one point it basically said "It's your soul on the line" or something that implied "you'll burn in hell" could be just remembering what people were saying, rather than what the page actually said, though.
"As 3D-Coat creators we ask you not to use the program for making pictures which would increase vices, especially pictures that would provoke dissolute thoughts. We all have responsibility before God and before mankind for everything we're doing. Do we make this world better? "
Yeah I'm just remembering the extreme paraphrased version.
I've been using remesh spam for sculpting in ZBrush. Some part of my brain thought that was Dynamesh and I just sort of accepted it.
I don't sculpt much, but that's probably really obvious by now.
Oh, yeah, I think I remember something like that. I find that stuff easy to brush off, having grown up in a religious town and heard variants of "Dude, really, I'm worried about your soul dude. Accept Jesus, c'mon." plenty of times in highschool. Religious people take that stuff seriously, they genuinely think you'll burn in hell and (typically) don't want you to. What they don't know won't hurt them, though, so sculpt genitals and witchcraft in 3DCoat all you want.
They get really weird about it, too.
My grandmother wrote me a letter once that started off with "It's Easter time again, so I've been thinking about what a horrible place the world has become"
T-Thanks grandma, the first thing I think about on easter is endless torment and suffering too.
I think 3DCoat is moving away from this because it's becoming bigger and more and more non-christians are getting into the company. It's one of the few times where a company loosing sight of the original vision is actually a good thing.
3D Coat is probably one of the best value in the entire industry. The AUTOPO is really cool and easy to use from other software through link addons. Might be worth a buy just for that. But AUTOPO is just one tiny part of 3D Coat.
File: Zbrush Dynamesh 04 .jpg (47 KB, 565x847)
47 KB
You can turn dynamesh on at any step of blending, remeshing, or alter the detail level anytime. It even stays in the timeline, so you can undo steps that you wouldn´t believe possible.
File: Zbrush Dynamesh 06 .jpg (40 KB, 524x837)
40 KB
Its weird how becoming an atheist free you from fear of imaginary places, but at the same time you get sad knowing that anybody who have been buried with their brains intact disappeared forever with the decomposition.
That´s why i a hard enforcer of brain plastination.
File: Neat.jpg (28 KB, 500x491)
28 KB
>brain plastination
POS program and the makers are religous nutjobs
The "limp wristed altruistic retard" type of religion or the "murderous batshit insane desert" religion?

Also, you sound like a commie. I bet you love blender.
>The "limp wristed altruistic retard" type of religion or the "murderous batshit insane desert" religion?
the former Jesusfag one, they are from Ukraine or somewhere
>Also, you sound like a commie. I bet you love blender.
I pirate Maya, Max Mudbox even 3DCoat. Don't know if that makes me a commie. And I despise Blender, at least the UI.
now go fuck yourself neckbeard
So you are a commie AND a freeloading parasite, all on top of that neckbeard atheist attitude. wew
File: Download.jpg (9 KB, 236x213)
9 KB
>neckbeard atheist attitude.
yeah but I'm also anti SJW, anti Muslim and anti Feminist and in favour of a new holocaust. I'm a whole new breed. How do you call that?
File: surprised.jpg (39 KB, 360x270)
39 KB
>How do you call that?
My brother from another mother
a human with a working brain.
File: JEW BALL.jpg (26 KB, 789x641)
26 KB
>in favour of a new holocaust.
Jews have been gotten by nazis with their pants down once, they´re not falling for it again.
You lost your chance.
Hubris is a hell of a drug.
>One derail post by idiot managed to derail the entire thread
>The absolute state of /3/
The program is useful. It's not a complete PoS, but rather has shitty elements like all programs. The devs are total nutjobs, however.
>I'm every 12 year old roblox player that follows Ethan Klein on twitter

Wow, incredible.
>This is why African people
have an average IQ of under 70, especially sub-saharans.
100% true
funny how white folks have more "monkey" in them (around 2-3% of our DNA) than black ppl
take that stereotypes

people are what they are because of two things: genetics and context (social environment, economic environment, education, life events, etc.)

I'm ready to bet that many of these low IQ are consequences of the context and cliché gangsta-niggerism that african ppl are usually subjected to
>white folks have more "monkey" in them (around 2-3% of our DNA) than black ppl
I don't know where you are from but i am sure as hell you belong to the group of people who have an IQ lower than 70
kek, I'm not in that category, and the guy who taught me biology isnt either:

Maybe I wasn't clear though, the "monkey" part was referring to the Neanderthals, like >>594075 was saying. It is true whether you like it or not; by moving away from Africa, our ancestors (who's skin melanin gradually changed aka white) indeed encountered sub-humans and mixed with them. In that regard, humans that stayed in Africa (aka black) had a "purer" genome.
File: 1487374015862.jpg (11 KB, 250x277)
11 KB
>I bought 3D Coat
>History of the Human genome

well that thread took a turn
If you're fine with being limited to as what you can make with 3DCoat, it's a really good software that is especially useful for the indie developer.
It's also why you aren't as smart as the rest of the races. Caucasians, Asians, and especially Semitic individuals all have higher caps of Neanderthal genes than Africans, who are of the lowest. it's why IQ is centralized around both the environment AND genetics. The more you know.
It's been explained multiple times (this thread included) that you are not limited to make what you want. There are no legal restrictions in place which would stop you from modeling a demon with 3 penises and a vagina instead of his mouth.
Ah, good to know. That makes it even better.
... but god will judge your soul wahahaha.

It's a tool. Use it however you want.

Thread related:
I wish we could use multiple reference images on same axes.
I worked around the problem of following references for front and back of a character by having the images next to each other and instancing the sculpt and rotating it 180, but it's really not ideal.
>#1 UV editor
Is this bait? Maya has the worst UV editor of them all.
Not OP, but even if this were true, why would i purchase a full 3d program for better UV mapping, if it pales to 3d coat for retopologizing, and doesn't even have sculpting?

3d coat uv mapping tools are the easiest I've ever used, and if I wanted the best uv tools, I'd buy headus UV Layout.
Talking out of your ass of course. You know Maya gets regular feature updates?
File: 01 Hero 2.jpg (81 KB, 1000x1250)
81 KB

I love 3D Coat. I bought it a couple of years ago and the software has improved immensely since then and will probably include a full on vertex modeller soon as more tools are added to the Retopo room. I use Hexagon for all my Vertex modelling and 3D Coat for sculpting/retopo, UV mapping and texture painting. I used to use it for all my cloth design too but my boyfriend bought me the Steam Version of Marvelous Designer recently so I really only use 3D Coat when I have to design very tight fitting clothing since Marvelous Designer doesn't do a good job simulating very tight fitting cloth so it's easier to hand sculpt the details in 3D Coat.

Everything in this pic I sculpted with 3D coat with the exception of hard surfaces which I modelled in Hexagon.
not the person you replied to

If those features are new, then I don't want to think about what UV workflow in maya looked like before.

I still think 3d coat's UV tools are better, and judging from your video, they have been there for longer.
I can't wait for the polygon fill retopo tool to go live. You basically make all your critical edgeloops on you mesh and then the AI will fill in the polygons between them.
She's cute (I assume it's rule 63 Link)

Well, making your most important edge loops is crucial, but can't you kinda do that already with autopo?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9m6zosxeuA about 3 min mark

Gotta see that shota link dick/loli pussy and of course asshole and feet.
>(I assume it's rule 63 Link)

I was curious about what it would be like if Zelda was a girl.
>blue board
... but Zelda IS the girl in the story.

Darn, I've been tricked. I got conditioned in telling people Zelda is a girl/Link is a boy for so many years, that it's a reflex to me now. I feel embarrassed.

Back on track with the thread.
You can make in 3D-Coat whatever you want
my posts from another thread on making lewds

I mainly use 3 tools for sculpting; Move tool, Airbrush, Pose tool.
I love pose tool, you can do so much with it.

Of course you wouldn't want to limit yourself to just 3 tools, but as a beginner I think those are the ones that should be part of your sculpting experience as soon as possible.

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