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I want to open a discussion about this subject. I'm interested what do you think which jobs in 3D are the hardest, and which ones are the easiest. What areas demand the most skill and knowledge for you to get at least decent at. E.g.


On which area is it best to focus on if you like every one of them equally? What area provides the most challenge? What job position in 3DCG, be it in games or movie industry, has the most free spots open?

Also, how do you think 3DCG compares to other art fields, e.g. to illustration/painting? Do you think that in general, it is (much) easier because of all the tools available, or is it actually harder because of all the technicalities that come with it and the fact that the field is constantly changing? The fact is that a lot of people can make some amazing stuff in relatively short period of learning time, so that makes me wonder. E.g. in music, you will definitely suck hard for, at least, a couple years in. But in 3D, though, I've seen guys who haven't been in it even for a year, but their work was already on a professional level.

And finally, as someone studying 3D (partly) in uni - should I ignore this industry no matter how good am I, or not? Is the future bright for me?
How do you partly study CG?
By having a goddamn multimedia degree which mixes multiple fields of design, from photography and video, to graphic design and 3D.
the hardest is character art since you have not only commit to the concept, but its also usually the longest and hardest technical project in the team. a good character is lots of work and expertise
ontop of that, you are expected to work within a restricted pipeline and provide good results
>which jobs in 3D are the hardest
whatever job disney gives you.
>having to live with yourself after you just made a movie that turns boys gay and girls into whores
>working for 2 years on a shitty project with crap models just to have it be animated to smashmouth.... again
>20 hour days, no weekends, contraband inspections in your provided room like you're at a rehab or a jail

disney is shit.
>what do you think which jobs in 3D are the hardest
Every time. Not a dam thing about anything engineering related topics, when it's obviously the hardest part of 3D. It's a hell of a lot harder to properly design a functioning gear box or multiple joining surfaces for real world objects built within engineering/production tolerances than to sculpt mash your mouse around until you have a flawless dragon dildo or click around some values in a rendering program.

Also if you are going to school for 3D you should damn well know from the programs you purposely ignored in the beginning that Engineering/CAD 3D would be the hardest.

I know it's not what you ere exactly getting at, but fuck it bugs me how almost no one on /3/ wants to make anything other than their waifu or whatever the fuck.
Amen. I respect what engineers do. I love the idea but holy shit it's way too advance for me.
Making a vidya james/mobie is child's play compared to work that actually does something outside of a computer.
Medical applications, engineering, actually making the program that handles all the modeling and shit in the first place...
Most of us on here (myself included) just push buttons and move a mouse around until something "looks good" we don't even begin to understand what goes on in the background of our programs.
This is primarily an art board and we're talking about 3DCG in that context. Engineering is obviously very hard, but it is not relevant in this discussion. Also, it is pretty easy to generalize art to the point that it seems to be a child's play, but that's just not true and is not fair.
>it's the Rhino fag obsessed with dragon dildoes who still has not shown some of his precious engineering work

lmaoing at your life
Yeah. It is really interesting stuff, it's just funny how those topics ever seem to come up here. I still have a lot of respect for anyone putting out any type of quality 3DCG material. Personally I'm into other stuff, but trying to slowly learn and work different programs and types of modeling into my 3D/2D workflow for different/better renderings.
Makes sense. I understand for the most part it's an art board and not the theme of this thread. I also understand it's hard work to be good at any kind of 3D and have a lot of respect for any type of quality 3D/CG, but OP asked for an open discussion about the hardest areas of 3DCG, so I threw in my $0.02 on what should have been included after seeing a lot of these types of threads filled with the same stuff over time. I feel like everyone learns 4 of the 6 topics that OP listed to be decent at any type of 3D in the first place and the hardest one is what you take the furthest.
Get off my nuts and go back to being 6 of the 8 people in another Blender vs X thread.
what movie was that, anon?
Creating believable animation is way harder than all the other areas after my experience.

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