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>will enter 3Danimation college soon , feel fresh
>asking my (+9 triple neck nerdy overweight)
big bro about which laptop i should buy
>he interrupts me and says ....
>MAC ..
>bu..but ...
>but its has...
>he explain me, windows laptop won't be capable doing animation works, macbook does better job otherwise is should buy Desktop PC

anyone here has experience doing decent animation with windows laptop, if yes can you share what kind of laptop i should buy?
Get a thinkpad
Any decently specc'ed system will be able to do animation work. It should theoretically be even better on "normal" laptops since Macs are usually held back by their thermal solutions.

You'll want something with a fairly decent CPU and an SSD. As another anon said, Thinkpads are good for this.


Note that your college will probably have much more capable hardware you can work with on the spot, and after you graduate you'll probably want to buy an actual workstation, as they smash laptops in both value and horsepower. I wouldn't recommend you go any higher than 1000 bucks but don't dip below 800 for this.
Macs are terrible for 3D work right now. You don't know what software they might be using, and a lot of it runs on Windows, so you'll potentially end up dual-booting or running a VM. Additionally, you may need CUDA for various tasks, and Macs largely have AMD graphics, so you're stuck using Metal/OpenCL, which suck.
You might be okay if you stick with the few programs that run natively on OS X, like Maya, Zbrush and Substance P/D, but in my experience they've been rather buggier on my Mac than on Windows. For example, if you hook up an external display and run Maya on it, the hotbox won't work... and to fix the issue you have to disable spaces and restart the system, which is shit in it's own right because spaces are very useful.
>he explain me, windows laptop won't be capable doing animation works, macbook does better job
Everybody with a working brain know its the other way around.
Your big bro is either a big retard who is drinking the cool aid and is part of the apple cult, or he is fucking with you.
Like i wrote in this other thread >>593455
-''won't be capable doing animation works''
That's a straight BS, you can do same preproduction work on both (if programs runs on boths OSs), but things like rendering will shine on windows machine, because you can afford much more beefier GPU for less money compare to Mac.
-"macbook does better job"
There's little to no diffirence how effective you can be on diffirent OSs, what important is what you get for your money (SSD/CPU/GPU) and how good you become with a program you are using.

prioritize value you get for your needs and money and you will see that for student in animation you might even don't need that much, I would avoid apple products, but if you are dirty rich getting last model of Macbook Pro is also an option.
umm, so graphics card is not that necessary for doing animation work?
so if I pick some gaming laptop like Acer nitro
and upsize the ram to 32 gig , do think pad still does the better job doing animation? sry i don't rly understand hardware that much
I heard gaming laptop more for 3D game creator ...
32GB of RAM seems a bit much for what you'd be doing on a laptop, 16 is fine even for large scenes. For the most part, if you're not rendering anything or doing big simulations, the stuff that matters is a fast CPU and a GPU with a bunch of VRAM.
Also you can get better laptops for the price, here's an MSI that has a bigger 512GB SSD and a faster 7700HQ for bout the same price as the one you linked to.
And of course the post window ate my link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834154623
game dev here.

I do animation. no one in the industry uses a mac. dont be stupid. buy an accual computer not a fancy looking but boring toy.
Literally go to any studio, and no one uses a Mac, aside from the big wigs who handle the money and management, or the graphic designers. But of course, I'm only speaking from my years of experience having visited the many studios that I have.

I mean, hell you could use a Mac, but given the ever changing and varying hardware demands in the industry, a more modular system has way too many benefits to ignore.
I have an older (Late 2011) MBP for Maya/PS work, with the matte high res panel and Radeon 6770 1GB, it’s a quad core 8 thread i7 2.4, 16GB with a 256GB SSD for OS and a 1TB spinning rust for Time Machine in the optical bay. It’s pretty good and was only $500 on fleabay. That being said everything I do is for real time work, if you’re doing offline renders you might want something else.
this doesnt make any sense. If nobody developed for mac like you said

>Literally go to any studio, and no one uses a Mac,

then there would literally be zero (0) mac apps on the app store. This simply isnt true. You're just making shit up.
classic: Mac-fag in denial.
We are talking about professional 3D artist here, not some code monkeys.
Self respecting 3D artists stay away from products by that glorified smartphone and gadget company, because they need pro-hardware not some fancy designed, overpriced brand-products which keeps them locked in a walled garden.
Apple has abandoned the Pro market and nothing makes this more clear than the fact that the last Mac Pro is from fucking 2013.
>he gives up 30% of the market "just because"

From a pure capitalist viewpoint it does make sense, since selling 150$ smartphones with planned-obsolescence mechanisms to stupid plebs for 700+$ every 1-2 years makes a shitload more money than dealing with (mostly) not dumb professionals who wouldn't accept this kind of bullshit.
But by doing so they really fucked up their reputation and i doubt that they get back on track even if they claim they want to do it.
get out of here you retard. Some of us aren't poorfags and can afford the X.
>the fact that the last Mac Pro is from fucking 2013.
And it was a POS even on the day it came out, due to outdated hardware and thermal throttling (yes, throttling on a “””workstation”””).
The release date of the MP2013 was pushed back by like a year due to backorders, so by the time you could buy one, big Haswell had just come out and it blew the socks off the previous Xeons, since most chips could now turbo to around 3.6Ghz regardless of core count, whereas if you bought a 12-Core MP, you were forever stuck at sub-3Ghz. Not that their shit would actually be able to run the chips faster anyway, but still.

Oh yeah, I just remembered but the dual-GPUs were actually broken in all but the most expensive D700 configuration in that the system couldn’t use both cards at once except for those programs Apple designed for it, like Final Cut X and... nope just Final Cut suX
nobody buys desktop macs. They buy lappies and iphones. Accept it and develop and profit from it.
absolute b8
Windows/PC is perfect for doing 3D animation
that pro-Mac shit is nonsense
I invest my money in hardware i need not some fucking bullshit i don't need.
You are the retard here for buying into that cult.
I know windows desktop with high-end spec is enough for 3D professional ... but as we know "laptop" have several issues with battery, heat problem, and have much shorter life spawn than desktop PC, so do windows laptop still worth it since it has mobility advantage that i desperately NEED
my budget is around 800USD
Generally speaking Macs are overpriced for their hardware. And worse yet Apple knows their audience preferences so Apple laptops are often under dimensioned. One of the easiest places to skimp to slim computers is in cooling. Which won't be an issue for a normal browser user (as their 'load' usage is intermittent at best, really I'm quite pissed by how lazy software is forcing them to buy overpowered machines).
A person wishing to use a general set of 3D tools with arbitrarily detailed models is not gonna have such a gentle use case. So even if we could deem the Macs specs fitting they might not be suitable under load. If you didn't know, any performance critical device in a computer nowadays will heat throttle to not destroy itself. Worst case you get crashes if the throttling is insufficient.
And there's plenty of components in then that suffer from increased heat regardless. But that's less catastrophic failure and more of a computer life expectancy issue.

Personally, and I know this is rough, if my university work depended on my computer working well I'd go with a desktop machine (Mac or PC). They're much less pricy for what you get and I'm not feeling like throwing 2000+$ at a laptop for an arts college. I'm not careful enough to not have it stolen.

An option which is a bit out there and untested but I have reason to believe it's a good idea is to buy a desktop and remotely connect to it with screen sharing tools if you want the mobility and the convenience of a laptop.
The latency for these aren't bad at all now. And almost any network can handle them as they're usually less stress than steaming YouTube. What really sucks though is that a network outage will just give you a complete production stop. Hopefully not a major issue but you never know.

Another thing to consider is that a laptop enables you to be more social. Lack of social contact is a major factor in why capable people drop out. A desktop keeps you in your room which may not be a good idea.
Also I don't know about your college but the one I went to offered machines to use. They were contested though. Perhaps it's different now that users have embraced the personalized aspects of computers more.
go buy a chromebook!
Great idea. So he can use the professional 3D suite known as Sketch up.
Literally every legitimate university (don't know about burgeria) recommends a not mac
i'm planning on buying a laptop msi for that, i have a 1000€-1300€ budget for it,
is it a good idea or ?

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