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so i got a logitech g13,and i want to know if i can have some custom hotkeys,or hot key suggestions for 3ds max
Depends on the functions you often use. For modeling I’d throw on swift loop, cut, target weld, ring & loop select, preview end result, and maybe some basic poly operations like extrude, inset and bridge.
just use blender

And here's the 50 yrs old failed modder loser who spends his day posting anti blender memes and shitting on the software with no arguments. You need to get laid faggot.
To be sincere I think it depends on your workflow.
Just map the keys to what you most use, look for the more comfy combination, you archive this by try and error. Good luck mate.
I have one of their G600 gaming mice.
What I did for my setup was set some hotkeys that were useful/commonly used but I had to look down at the keyboard to use.
Such as (Blender user, so different hotkeys from Max) K, for knife, Alt + M for merge, O for Proportional editing, etc.
If you're using this as a replacement for a keyboard, I'd just go with the keys you use most and maybe a few extras.
I think this is probably your best answer, since you have a keyboard-replacement, rather than a mouse with extra buttons.

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