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File: 1498359104515.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
>watching tutorial
>they keep hitting the enter key or lmb way too fucking hard
OCDs are treatable.
File: 1470253678770.png (78 KB, 400x400)
78 KB
>watching tutorial
>it's recorded with a laptop mic that's right next to the mouse
>can barely make out guy talking

>watching tutorial
>it's not narrated, instead the guy writes in notepad what he is showing

Why even make a tutorial at that point?
>watch tutorial
Nice, another thread about bitching about pointless shit.
File: haram.jpg (39 KB, 600x603)
39 KB
>hello... uhh... my name is david davidson andd... uuhhh... i gonna show you guys how to... uuhhh... model a hard surface donut in max... so... like... uuhhh... please... if you can, do share... subscribe... and donĀ“t forget to sign in... uh... on my channel...
>so... first... you open the... torus... primitive... a-and...uhhh... then... youpresseditmeshandselectthevertexesand... uuhhh... you pull the vertexes... and then u press ctr+alt+shit+K+i+l+l+s+e+l+f... and then.... uhh...
mechanical blue switches are the best though

>009 Sound System Dreamscape (Remastered)
>notepad opens
>hi guy
>hi guys
>hi guys in d
>hi guys in this tutorial I
File: 1509834771750.jpg (57 KB, 503x530)
57 KB
Unregistered Hypercam
File: the-pain.jpg (66 KB, 669x300)
66 KB
>Unregistered Hypercam
recording at 5 fps
>Unregistered Hypercam
>recording at 5 fps
File: 1507407425308.jpg (79 KB, 710x710)
79 KB

it's like getting the stoned employee to help you find something at Walmart
File: 523898895328532.jpg (222 KB, 1280x1280)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>Watch tutorial
>Great Part I
>See you guys next time :)!
>Part II doesn't exist
File: 1508914896621.jpg (52 KB, 503x519)
52 KB
>20 min tutorial
>turns out its a promo video and there is nothing in it
>buy the vid from gumroad
>week later he releases it on youtube
>20 min tutorial
>30 second stock minecraft youruber intro
>"hey before we get down to the video can we get this vid to X likes, I'd really appreciate it, ONTO THE VIDEO"
>"and before we get to this, remember that there's a HUGE giveaeay going on, all you have to do is give a like, sssSUBSCRIBE, and click that little notification bell so you don't miss a single video, and you'll be entered into the contest"
>video turns out to be fake afterwards
I don't know why I even wait past the "X likes" part.
>implying any of these greentexts is true
File: guts.jpg (363 KB, 733x800)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
>watch very detailed tutorial, so far good solid stuff
>finish the modelling, now onto the unwrapping
>"Oh yeah I totally skipped that part, didn't feel like including it in here, but yeah moving on to painting the diffuse...."
>Implying you're even real
>Windows movie maker transitions to remove seams
File: tayne.gif (983 KB, 250x141)
983 KB
983 KB GIF
>start tutorial
>indian acce-
>close tab
>start watching some archviz tutorial
>Arab accent
Every time.
File: 1511746340955.jpg (215 KB, 1200x1052)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>watching beginner-level tutorial
>they use only hotkeys
>and explain none
What's sad is all of these are true. Been watching video tutorials on youtube and other video places for years and these are spot on.
File: 1511729608322.png (194 KB, 497x555)
194 KB
194 KB PNG


This was one of the biggest things that pissed me off when first learning 3D. Especially when they do a rapid amount of hotkey functions in like 2 seconds while going
>"uuuh yeah we will just uuuuh fix this up"
without actually explaining what just happened.
File: 1502652896762.png (254 KB, 447x485)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>Simple tutorial video
>10+ minutes long
>follow Chamferzone grenade tutorial
>do exactly the same thing as Tim
>something entirely different happens

fucking resetXform
>it's just 8 minutes of mumbling introduction and please like and subscribe and then two minutes of tutorial that could have been explained in 30sec
>Then the music hits that doesn't even match
>3dsmax tutorial where they repeat details that could have just been done with a symmetry modifier or two
>same thing for skin modifier, instead of using the mirror verts function they just repeating the rigging over again on the other side
>ones where instead of using aligning vertices on axis button they use the scale tool multiple times until it "looks right"
>having every single part of a mesh on 1 smoothing group
>unwrapping a head that results in tons of texel space wasted on side and back of head while face is tiny in the center
File: shitlord.png (125 KB, 231x228)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>watching tutorial
>"guh-day, andrew price here..."
File: virus02.jpg (39 KB, 442x323)
39 KB
>009 Sound System
>Unregistered Hypercam


You hear that breathy bendy synth line in your mind now.
>watching tutorial
>*lip smacking*
>mmkay guys
>click click
>open tutorial
>it's just music,
>no commentary on what's actually going on
File: 1487968746874.gif (2.14 MB, 297x471)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB GIF
all of my hate.
>"How to bake a normalmap in blender"
>1 minute intro
>10 minutes talking
>13 minutes making a model that he could have prepared beforehand
>last minute is showing how to bake
File: 1507765200074.png (99 KB, 500x491)
99 KB
>hiloo mai e my nam i Rajesh [pause] ai wiile sho eeeh sho tool today for eeh
yeah, I'm out
this is good if they screencast keys
File: DELET.jpg (35 KB, 600x588)
35 KB
>Blender tutorial
>They don't screencast hotkeys
>they screencast hotkeys
>video is a timelapse

>they tell you to press some shortcut keys
>they don't tell you what the function was
>or where to find it in the menus
File: 1511418041325.jpg (11 KB, 248x203)
11 KB
>Find a Blender tutorial with an English title
>Narration/audio is French and there's shitty auto-generated subtitles
>Watch tutorial
>Literally just an advert for his shitty plugins
>title in English
>language in taco/moonspeak/whatever
Hanging is the only punishment for this kind of shit
File: 1486589484630.png (262 KB, 480x570)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>blender tutorial
>"now switch to edit mode by clicking on the menu down here and selecting 'edit mode'..."
What is the problem with that? You obviously watched a tutorial for beginners.
why wouldn't you teach a beginner an extremely expedient and easy to remember hotkey
If anything, you'd mention the hotkey after doing so, just in case they aren't a retard and can remember more than just one hotkey per video.
File: 1467643673999.gif (234 KB, 440x220)
234 KB
234 KB GIF
>In this video I'll show you [how to do thing]
>Normally I wouldn't do it this way but since this is strictly a demonstration, I'm going to show you the quick and dirty way
>this way is completely useless, introduces many errors and flaws that I've disguised by using a simple model or setting simple goals
>I'm going to gloss over every aspect of theory on why you would do any of what I'm doing
>What I'm doing is also not the right thing to do except it happens to work because of the simplistic model I'm using
>I'm also going to show you the least optimal way to do this, and ignore any and all tools meant to optimize, automate, or facilitate this task
>If you need more information, you can google lots of videos and tutorials on [thing]
>If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe :)
My sister literally bought a shirt for my brother that covers this subject today.
File: 1466834451103.png (789 KB, 876x876)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
>How to bake a normal map video
>a total fucking mess of stitched or badly unfolded UVs for hard-surface instead of properly separated islands
>model has tons of hard angles, but they everything on 1 smoothing group for baking
>bake is total shit
File: 1490136235608.jpg (91 KB, 800x716)
91 KB
>dont know how to do simple and specific thing
>tutorial explains it in a concise and efficient way
Wow. Nailed it. I mean, I don't know if that's any consolation for the autism, but yeah - you nailed it.

To any YouTuber who has a channel providing any technical demo help, or anyone who is thinking about starting one:


>>'Hey guys how's it goin...'
I'm in a bad mood because I can't do something that I need to do. Get on with it.

>>'Today I'm gonna show you how to...'
I know. It's in the title of the fucking video. GET ON WITH IT.

>>'You might need to do this in cases where...'

>>'If you enjoyed this video...'
That's like asking me if any of my favorite books are software manuals, or which business conference center is my preferred holiday destination, but seeing as you brought it up; no, I didn't.

>>...'please hit the like button...'
No. I've got work to do. I'm going.

I'm going. Bye.

>>...'and subscr...'
Get a fucking life.

>> <outro music starts playing, credits begin to roll>
Jesus fucking christ the ego on kids today.
This one is right on the shitlist next to:

>> <massive sigh> <depressingly unenthusiastic, droning voice> 'oh hey guys so'....
'today we're gonna'....
<mouse click sounds>
<audible GPU fans>
>>...'look at booleans or whatever, I dunno it's dumb, but whatever....'

Go fuck yourself kid.
If any teenagers are reading this and you're maybe experimenting with the 'slacker, nonchalant, aloof' personality type in order to impress people because of how cool and disaffected you are - it doesn't work, it just comes over as rude and annoying and forced, and it makes adults and normal people want to fucking smack the shit out of you.
How do you even come across videos like that...
Everywhere. Some of the David Lesperance tuts on Gnomon are guilty of much of this.
Damn, I haven't seen many of them like that, but I agree about Gnomon. People praise those courses, but there's a lot of bad ones out there.
there is some proper garbage and stupidity on Gnomon:

>>Tutorials captured at 1080p on a 27" 2k display, with the UI scaled for that display so that you have to pause and squint and look real hard at the buttons the tutor is clicking.

>>Alex Alvarez (the fucking *founder* of Gnomon) is guilty of the 'groaning / sighing / sounding like a man who has just received his divorce papers' style of delivery - and his courses are literally thousands of minutes long.

>>David Lesperance has tutorials with entire sections where his microphone sample-rate and his capture sample-rate are mismatched, so he has a Mickey Mouse style high-pitched voice, for like 10 minutes at a time.
Also, his microphone is potato quality at the best of times.
Also, he talks like how a spoiled suburban teenager talks to his mother when she's just asked him to mow the lawn.

>>Devon Fay, in one of his tutorials literally says this:
'So I have a phrase that I think is *pretty good* to refer to this stage of the work, it's *pretty stupid*, but...'
He literally says; it's 'pretty good' then IMMEDIATELY decides that it's actually 'pretty stupid'.

>>Nick Reynolds deliberately has this incredibly forced, deliberately low pitched voice in order to presumably try to sound sexy or something, but again - he makes me want to just punch him in the dick.

Yeah - a lot of these people are unquestionably very very good artists but fuck me, they are shitty communicators.

Best course on Gnomon right now is the 'introduction to Zbrush 4r8' with Madeline WhateverHerNameIs.

>>Talks enthusiastically and clearly.
>>Knows her shit
>>Shows you where to actually find the fucking buttons
>'You might need to do this in cases where...'
This is what pisses me off the most.
I looked up the technique because I need it, if I need it, I obviously know where it would be useful. So just tell me where the damn button for it is so I can move on with my life.
fucking this
nowadays youtube videos are like talking to your mom on the phone, its fucking neverending, GET TO THE POINT SOMETIMES
I had a workshop with Madeline Whothefuck, it was pretty good
in a single day I actually learned something
File: That_Cat.jpg (98 KB, 1168x872)
98 KB
>does a lengthy procedure in tutorial
>uuuh.... actually.... uuuuuuuuuh, let me think
>undoes the last several minutes of progress
>[audible command-z intensifies]
>yyyyyeah, lets try that again uhhhh....ACTUALLY you have to do it like THIS

Christ, just edit your video and cut out shit like this.
>Daivd Davidson
>4bar Dr Dre instrumental looped in the BG for 60min
Does anyone has any tips on making tutorials? I made a thing recently and some people have been asking me for one
Plan out your talking points before hand, don't do it freestyle. Don't add music. Make sure your voice is loud enough. No mumbling, holding a pencil or something in your teeth and try to talk with that for a few minutes before recording to help enunciation. Legible UI. Screencast keys or your program's equiv to see what keys are pressed. Don't waste time on an intro just say what you're gonna do with an image of what the end result will be, then get to it. Put useful keywords in the description or tags so people can find it. Final product in the thumbnail.
>Plan your video beforehand.
>Practice so you know exactly what you're doing and what the results will be.
>Don't go fucking around looking for things in menus, know where it is and go straight to it.
>If there are multiple ways to access a feature/function you're using (menus, shortcuts, whatever), mention ALL of them and where to find them.
>Explain exactly why you're using a feature/function.
>Screencast your keys, use subtitles where necessary.
>If it's a lengthy tutorial with multiple parts, list time codes and chapter titles at the start of the video.
>Don't stammer or slur your words, don't say "eh" or "uh" at all.
>If you're no good at talking while recording, plan your dialogue and dub it over afterwards.
>Unless you absolutely require additional audio, the only sound anyone should hear is your voice.
>Fix your audio levels.
That depends. If the guy just fucked up at using a feature it's pretty bad. But if it's part of an iterative design process I don't mind as much, seeing the different tries and mistakes is a part of learning as even experienced designers tweak their models a lot.
why do you have that image of that mudshark ofspring on your computer
you cant seriously not see the canthal tilt, ugly nose and facial dismorphia
jesus fuck i hope your not a neil druckmann pajeet nigger.
>canthal tilt
Well that's something new for me so thanks. So what is wrong with hers? I can't really judge from that angle but it seems pretty neutral?
Now wait a second - is there something wrong with her head? It certainly looks way too small for her body.
>stumble upon an interesting battle royale UE4 tutorial series, part #4
>"Oh boy dis gonna be gud"
>go to channel's videos to see how far they got with the series
>last video posted 3 months ago, tutorial #4 is that last video
>check out the comments
>"Uuuuhh sorry guys, I got a job and I don't have time anymore, m-maybe one day"


Also, seriously wtf? Are 3DCG jobs so damn intense that people don't have time for anything else in their lives?

Get feedback from others. Seriously, if you are trying to teach and you leave out something super important that you know already but your audience does not know then you screwed up. A common mistake is using a script/plugin/customUI change with hotkeys and not explaining what the setup is beforehand. Assume your audience is using all default settings so make it clear if you are using something different.

Post relevant info, links in description. No stupid lengthy intros with dubstep please. Another good thing is do a practice run first so you won't get bogged down by the unexpected or take way longer than usual.
>Also, seriously wtf? Are 3DCG jobs so damn intense that people don't have time for anything else in their lives?

>full time job
>other hobbies

If you're a normie days run by pretty damn quick m8
File: hqdefault.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB
He's browsing /3/
>watching tutorial
>guy uses hundreds of shortcuts
>doesn't use the software that projects keypresses on screen
Nice, he got almost everything from this thread into this
File: 3.jpg (70 KB, 460x306)
70 KB

love this guy. he create and supports a massive help for many artists and beginners. i wish him the best and great luck in his private and professional life.

also tutorial is not about your fucking shortcuts but general shit.
He missed the most important part.
>never make tutorials if you're australian. no one wants to hear your nasally bogan accent.
File: 1513424454881.jpg (13 KB, 319x331)
13 KB
so is anyone going to take the bait and apply for a cushy job as head tutorial maker at poliigon
How is it "bait"? At worst it'll end up that you maybe make less total money because you're profit sharing (essentially) but you'll be paid a steady income
>watching tutorial
>guy opens up his browser
>obscure porn site on one of the tabs
>guy opens his program files
>obvious porn folder near the bottom
>guy has minecraft installed
>tut is in 480p
All of you are lying faggots or you just don't know how to properly search and find good free tutorials. Post 3 (four) examples where some of these descriptions happen or you're bullshiting. I went through hundreds of tutorials and never stumbled upon anything this bad.
>trying to find a tutorial on making minecraft skins
>find what looks like a legit video
>he has roblox installed
every. fucking. time.
>3d tutorial
I wouldn't go that far. Unless its a very short kind of a strict thing tut, they're all mostly either just plain shit or do work but still make you grunt and be annoyed.

Many tutorials are great, and essential if you want to get the most of your software. I used to hate tutorials but I've started watching alot of them (especially for zbrush). And guess what? I improved more in a single week of watching tutorials than in a whole year on my own.
>Watching a tutorial
>He is using one of those large screen Cintiqs
>For some reason there is still a super fucking loud click when he middle mouse clicks


>Someone selling a tutorial as a complete guide for beginners
>All they do is use hotkeys unexplained, the footage is sped up and they're just doing post-recorded narration

I really hated this when I got started, I didn't learn shit from those types of videos. I learned very quickly when using real time, live narrated ones.

>Find a tutorial of a complete pipeline for a game asset from an artist at a AAA studio
>He does a lot of tool swapping, going between Maya, ZBrush and Modo, promises a very informative lesson
>Tutorial page, description and youtube preview all in English
>Claims its a full start to finish tutorial with everything explained
>When you actually watch it, many parts are music with no explanation
>He speaks English in most videos but randomly fucking French in others

Anyone recall which tutorial this was? It came out earlier this year. I grabbed it on CGPeers and was really glad I didn't pay since it wasn't as advertised.

I don't understand how this level of quality control happens from a school that seriously does have really long list of notable alumni. I expect this shit out of youtube videos. From a place like Gnomon you should expect a completely flawless video course.
And here you can see I completely fuck myself over 10 minutes from now.
Yep, there it is.
is it https://cubebrush.co/mb/products/1jur3a-cWYR/ultimate-career-guide-3d-artist

I'm thinking about buying it, so I hope it's not the same tutorial as yours.

Can anyone say if it's a good tutorial to buy?
File: 1512769519861.png (1.15 MB, 1067x797)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
>watch movie trailer
>the character's eyes aren't even aligned properly
File: 1382086766982349263.jpg (38 KB, 510x383)
38 KB
>Not being a retard
>Watching tutorial
>Not everything is spoonfed, yet understand the concept and gimmicks 'cause I'm not a fucking retard
>If in doubt grab a different tutorial to see how someone else approaches the issue
>Make model
>Go post it on /3/
>See thread by some retard that thinks tutorials are supposed to be custom personalized magic scrolls of wisdom
>people having a laugh? better go shit on it
Hmm, I wonder who is right - a professional studio or some little amateur faggot who doesn't even understand perspective.
also I really don't get why people are losing their shit about this trailer
I don't even know what it is, but I've seen several people here saying how horrible it is while posting some screens...
like.... so what?
is there anything you like suffering because of this? I'm not getting people these days.
3 reasons:
They eyes. (i don't have problem with her eyes)
The sanitization of an ultra-violent grim dystopian original into an clean and nice PG-13 shitfest.
The memory of that Ghost in the Shell disaster is still fresh in mind.
>Ghost in the Shell disaster
I won't get that either.

Ghost in the shell was awesome thing, 20 years ago...
what were you even waiting from a movie, from another country, which took the name and name of characters?
literally what were you waiting to get out of that? same thing as anime was?
there is no good movie adoptation of any anime/game/etc...

these 2 mediums are created of two very, very different people, they don't "get" each other.. and never will get each other. movie people minds think like movie people...

when actors are playing comic book/anime/game characters they have not even heared about these characters before roles were introduced to them.

and the main problem is, people who oversee these movies (who have money) they have the least connection to these source materials, which fans love.

I can go on and on why it can not be good.... live action adoptations won't ever be good.

you will never relieve your favorite fictions, which was already made visually(in anime form or in gaming form, in cartoon etc...)

1. either it will be too different or 2. you should not have big connection to sorce material.

I don't even watch anything like that. It's not for me.
The Wachoswksi brothers, no sisters, proved that an anime adaption with that style could be done and still be pretty decent.
In general i agree with you, except that adaptions could be fun even if they aren't a carbon copy of the original, they don't fail because its impossible, they fail like you said because the studios choose the wrong people who are too stupid to get the original, so they botch the adaption.
So its an problem of the studio-system, it could be better.
Alita was Jim Cameron's baby, he actually wanted to make this movie himself using his performance capture and 3D technique, but he choose Avatar instead, initially he planned to make Alita after Avatar 1, but then got trapped in that Avatar universe.
I would have trusted him in doing this movie, but he betrayed the fans for his blue Aliens (and $$$), so fuck him.
>wrong people who are too stupid to get the original

thats the thing tho, there are not that much "right" people who is really good in movies, who will make good movies.
they fail with 0% of comic book movies, and whole western society grew up on comic book movies, but again, who were talented, etc and passionate about comic books has gone in comic book industry, not movie industry.

I'm not saying that it's impossible. but it's really hard to get hat fanbase wants.
I have not watched Ghost in the shell, but I'm sure I won't hate it. because I can take it for what it is.
if not carbon copy, what was the problem of Ghost in the Shell? other than it was not carbon copy?
they fail with 90%
I'm not saying they're a bad thing. I'm saying the people behing them, ironically, seem unprofessional s fuck.
Tutorials are fine, it's just that sometimes we want them to be a bit more streamlined.
Ghost in the Shell was just dumb, really dumb. Boring Antagonist, boring plot, no suspense, thrill, anything...They copied pieces from all over the franchise but with no sense of taste or plan...Everything they copied was half-assed, everything new they put in was just bad.
It is a cash-grab from an untalented director.
3/10 would not recommend.

was that really fucking necessary?
he could make a whole pullover for winter out of all that muff
>extremely high detailed video
>exactly the topic I'm interested in
>MAXIMUM THICK Pajeet accent
>blaring techno music.
>"um, hold on"
the manga was fucking awesome and fans are naturally going to hold it to a high standard because Cameron has been dropping hints about this movie for almost 2 decades

he made a real weird move with the eyes but i think it might actually work for the movie, who knows
as long as they get some good panzer kunst scenes in (and hopefully a bit of the Rollerball arc as well) then i think it could stand to be a pretty decent movie
It will suck. Hard.
It makes me wonder why they didn't go full cg? What's the point of having big anime eyes to be "true" to the source material if the supporting cast doesn't match?
>watching tutorial
>extremely nasal voice talking from three rooms away
>*breathe in* ...so you just uhhhh do the uhhhhh the thing and then you uhhhhhhh do this... and this... and then uhhhhhhh *breathe in* this.
>native 140p quality
>can hear every clic
>can hear every nasal, cloggy breath
>can hear dude licking his lips before speaking
deliver me
why they gotta do this to me mayne
>>extremely high detailed video
choose one
>watching a blender conference
huh, a lot of the times didnt take
File: Paj-no-Igor.png (2.34 MB, 1200x1207)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
>find deeded tutorial.
>5 minutes intro, folow me, blablabla...
>it's trailer for bigger tutorial...
>watch tutorial
>13 mins of speed up footage with shitty techno music
>watching tutorials
found the problem. learn to read amerimutts.

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