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Posthe any storts
>be me
>want to make big tiddies in 3d
>learn how complex 3d world is
>actually get invested
>learning 3d
>forgotten tiddie
>Make money pile render for school project
>have trouble printing
>dad comes over and tries to google search for the picture I made
>Thank you Andrew Price
>Get hired freelance for a know company
>They ask the usual "we want high quality for a good price"
>I tell them it'll take me around 150-200hrs to finish
>I try to meet my quality standards, create a good looking project
>Contract ends, i get paid and leave
>Then i hear from a friend that went there 3 months later that they talked behind my back "it was way too expensive" "he ripped us off" "we could've got it alot cheaper from someone else" etc.
>They hire some rookie for their next project... that ended up looking like shit
>They come back to me asking for another project
>They tell me they only have a fixed budget even though everyone in the industrie knows they basically shit money...
>I tell them i only work on an hourly basis and that i wont sell myself below value
>They say theyll have to think about it

People dont want to pay artists shit anymore cuz they think anyone can make it cheaper...

>still came back in the end and accepted my offer...

I hate my job...
>still came back
You shouldn't hate your job. I mean, they have a right to complain about prices. AND they came back. That proves you're just that good. Feel good anon, you proved to a bunch of chimps that you are worth it.
I run a business that deals with 3D a lot, and even being in the managerial side I try to do artist stuff as much as I can, because that shit is just built into me. Anyway, that kind of business practice is pretty much the standard. The highest praise you can get as an outsource is the fact that they come back and pay the bill. So take pride in that!
I know as an artist, what we really really want deep down is recognition, so as long as NDAs and contractwork allows, do show off in artstation or wherever as much as you like. That's the icing on the cake after all

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