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If you haven't mastered and/or outgrown the features offered in Blender, then you have no business using paid, professional tools.
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>this is your home
and /3/ is not your home, go away
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And it will forever be that way until someone nukes /3/ off the face of 4Chan.

Good idea, to bad your parents didn't think of it when your mother gave birth.
>Ow the edge
/3/ can be improved it you want it to.
It starts with being less cancerous and staying on topic.
Going to have to agree with this logic, since blender is "absolute shit" and "has no features", if the users pushing against it believe this, they should at least be able to master it.
However, blender is not for everyone. I wouldn't recommend an artist switch tools just for the sake of switching. If someone is comfortable working in their program, why the fuck should they change?
Stop baiting OP.
There is no need to nuke /3/. Step one is to create an Autodesk and a Blender general where shilling can be contained to. Any shill threads outside of this are instantaneously nuked and repeat offenders are banned.

Example of shill thread:
>Software minutia passed as irredeemable flaws
>"Defend this, blendlets"
>"Autocucks are retarded"
>"x author said x software is great"
>"Why is x software so bad? Y is the future"

People can discuss patches, new features and stroke themselves in these threads. It'll also get rid of people who actually create shill threads, who probably don't actually do any work in 3D and are just there to troll people.

Specific software features which are certain to get a lot of replies over time can be discussed outside of these generals.

Example of good hypothetical thread:
>"What do you guys think of Eevee? Does it stack up to other realtime renderers like UE4? Did blender need this with cycles already being a competent renderer? Also, Eevee render thread."

Miscellaneous threads which are interesting, like the hard surface thread, low poly thread, old-style textures thread, general discussion and others can still exist and will probably be better, as discussion will be funneled towards them.

Step two is to funnel all questions to the questions thread. The board is half flooded with them as well.

This is achievable, but we need moderation that actually gives a shit, and isn't there just to kill completely off-topic threads.
It's all good ideas, but the mod will likely never pay any attention, just like most of the mods elsewhere on the site. It's sickening really. I feel like 4Chan as a whole needs better mods, not just any single board.

You also forgot one important thing about the shill threads:
>people tell shill to kys
We only need step 0.
>Get an actual mod like we're supposed to already have
Off with you, blendtard. Those cups and doughnuts ain't gonna model themselves.
>muh opinion is better huehuehue
shut up OP
You're either massive newfags or retards who just want a boot in your face.
If you've been on 4chan for more than a year you should realize that mods never get anything right, and earnestly supporting controlling board culture through moderation is a mistake you'll only ever make once.
>Step one is to create an Autodesk and a Blender general where shilling can be contained to.
yes, fracture an already small board into smaller pieces, while inciting threadwars and shitposting.

>we need moderation that actually gives a shit
does not, and never will happen on this board. we have janitors that get rid of NSFW stuff, but it's very rare to be banned from /3/ for shitposting.
the real solution is to stop replying to obvious threads like this one that exist only to get a response out of you. if you're spending precious time every day arguing about 3d programs, you're wasting your fucking time.
Or maybe you're just too new to remember that even mods used to be good.
We're not "enforcing board culture through moderation" They're called the rules and they're being broken constantly here.
I would like to talk about Eevee.

Other than realtime volumetrics, I don't think it offers anything over Cycles in terms of realtime asset authoring.

That is all.
/3/ doesn't have any actual rules.
What rules are you even thinking of?
The ``no nudity'' rule has been flipped on its head every single time the mods change.
There is no ``no shilling'' rule, that's something you people made up in your head because you guys can't handle banter.
There isn't even a ``read the sticky'' rule. The sticky itself tells you that only retards need to read it.
>What rules are you even thinking of?
I guess you really are a newfag.
And /3/ even has its own rule "Images and discussion should relate to 3D modeling and imagery"
Sorry anon but Blender's interface just isn't intuitive at all. I got 3DS Max since I'm a student and that to for free for 3 years.

3DS Max felt a lot more intuitive. Its UI is not too different from Adobe's softwares and Microsoft's Office, so it feels right at home.
>If you haven't mastered and/or outgrown the features offered in Blender, then you have no business using paid, professional tools.
pretty sure Notch became a billionaire while being good at absolutely nothing, while people like you post stupid shit on bhutanese bicycle boards.
Just because he made money off it, doesn't excuse the fact that he was a hack who should have never touched programming.
People buy literal shit all the time. It doesn't change the fact that it's shit.
That's not the real issue here though.
What OP is trying to say is that if you don't have the skills to use even a free program, why the hell are you messing with stuff you have to pay for to legally use? (Not really though, OP is just a baiting faggot.)
See >>593580

Now go back to be retard and cry as your mother weeps about how she never got that abortion.
Honestly this is the direction that 4chan is going.
Moot might not have been doing the best, but at least he was the original creator. There was still some love left in him for 4chan. Now that we have hiro, any connection to the original vision of 4chan is dead, and we can just expect more people like >>593576 who don't even know that 4chan has rules in the first place.
The best thing we can do is self-moderate by ignoring shills, bumping threads that actually deserve to be bumped and keeping posts constructive.
Shit-posting is fun, but we should try to at least make even those posts have something constructive going on in them.
Blender offers no features.
Congratulations, you're ready to move away from blender.
>/3/ offers no constructive feedback
Looks like you can go ahead and leave this board, as well.
I model and sculpt so much faster with Blender, it's not even funny. But for everything else, of course I don't use it.
And that's the sad part of it all, we'll never get rid of the shills. Even in the threads that are supposed to be constructive and what not, the shills come invading.

If the mods actually did their job, /3/, and by extension 4Chan as a whole, would be a much better place.
>posts the same rules that no board on 4chan has followed or has really even enforced since its founding
>posts a rule that is so obvious that it doesn't even need to be a rule, and doesn't sound like a rule to most sane people
You almost sounded like you had a point.

Oh man, how do you not cut yourself on that edge?
You don't have to try so hard to fit in here.

Have you forgotten that more than one type of person exists? It's almost as if there are people who are not you who have their own preferences and are their own person. But to you, these people are "shills" because they don't agree with you.

Call me back when you sensitive sissies are done sucking each other off.

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