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Hey /3/

I am a 3DS Max user, and up until now, I've done thing by trial and error, which I consider a good way to learn some basic things, but it can only get me that far.

Do you know of any proper modelling tutorial series (both for organic and hard surfaces) that you could point me towards? It doesn't matter if it's paid or free, as long as I can do them from home (i.e. not having to go to a university)

Thanks in advance.
While I appreciate you trying to help, that's not very helpful as youtube is riddled with both good and bad content. Could you be a bit more specific?
Back in the day, i´ve purchased and read tons of '3ds max bibles'. Why? That was my only option. Nowadays is all in the internet, i´d suggest you to get a look at digitaltutors () they became pluralsight now).
Now, i´ll be blunt: max is great for hard edge modeling, but i´ve been doing character sculpt in zbrush - max can actually talk back-and-forth with zbrush, so it´s a great pipeline. I´d suggest to you to learn both - and drawing skills will give you an edge at modelling.
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Alright I'm still a beginner too but I can tell you what I've been using. arrimus 3d is really good on youtube. I've also liked digital tutors and just completed their intro to 3d modeling course which was pretty interesting.
I'm now doing Grant's "Mastering Hard Surface" course
That pic is a still image of my animation that digital tutors had a tutorial for.
This guy >>593179 has the right idea with grant and arrimus, also check out chamferzone.
ZBrush is great to have regardless of what you’re doing, even if simply as an auxiliary editor for some more complex tasks.
Tim Bergholz (Chamferzone)

He has a couple of complete tutorials that take you from low poly modeling to high poly modeling to baking normals to texturing in substance painter.
So pretty much the entire asset creation pipeline.
The automatic retopology (Zremesher) and automatic unwrap (UV Master) alone are great reasons to have the package. Dynamesh modelling is so fucking awesome that i don´t remember using any other method when starting a new character.
>Tim Bergholz (Chamferzone)
A torrent would be nice.
Half of his stuff is free on YT and the other is pretty cheap on gumroad
Some helpful tutorials here too
OP here, thank you guys for your suggestions.
I'll look into all of them carefully.

I appreciate your help.
Mastering Hard Surface by Grant Warwick

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