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When I subdivide, one area doesn't subdivide at all while everything else does just fine.

Whats the deal here?
I've not used Max/Maya much but does it have a crease system? Because that looks like what's happening.

It does but creased edges appear with a thicker line on the viewport.
File: Untitled.png (351 KB, 571x485)
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You have a non-planar quad here that isn't creased on the back edge. I don't know if that's causing it though.

Apparently I had a bunch of double sided faces, so I turned on backface culling and got rid of them.

Then I used mayas cleanup option and it fixed most of it but theres still some fuckery going on.
Inverted normals maybe?
File: zxcvzxcv.png (417 KB, 1024x1244)
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417 KB PNG

Just looked at them and they seem fine. I also recalculated the vertex normals and nothing.

I set all edges to soft and the problem areas are really visible when subdivided
File: winner.png (346 KB, 1058x626)
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346 KB PNG
Boom bitch eat shit I fixed it somehow

I reloaded the file and first thing I did was the "Optimize Scene Size" option, just in case. It probably had nothing to do with fixing it but I'll post it anyway just in case.

Then I went to the Cleanup option again, but this time using one setting at a time to see if anything changes and what did it was the "Lamina Faces" option under Remove Geometry.

So there you go. I'll have to google around wtf a Lamina Face is but at least my problem is fixed.
BBS wheels aren't that rounded. They're almost all fillets on a milled faces, not rounded spokes... same with where spokes meet your outer barrel.

Also none of these problems would happen if you were using glorious CAD. I'm actually curious how a NURBS BBS wheel would look converted to polygons...

>what the fuck is going on here
wrong program m8
yes, subdivision/smoothing errors are usually a sign that there are geometry errors

It's my first model so most of this stuff is still new to me.
You had vertices on the edge without edge connections. Cleanup gets rid of these. Sometimes you need to run it twice but please make sure you have related options enabled.
Also exporting your object out as .obj and disabling the group etc options will get rid of everything else and clean up the structure if it's been imported from somewhere else. It's a good way to clean up unnecessary shit from models.
Sometimes merge vertices will also do the trick, depending of the issue. Make sure to check the fuse distance though.

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