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Daz has made Hexagon free again, and one of the employees has said on the forum that there's a private beta of a new version of Hexagon that's going to go public soon and there's going to a a first quarter upgrade to Hexagon that will include 64bit support (which will no doubt fix a lot of the stability issues) as well as updated features.

Dynamics for Daz Studio and now Hexagon is getting some much needed love. Holy shit, it's like someone at Daz suddenly remembered they make software. I wonder what new features the new Hexagon will have. I hope they improve the UV tools.

Improving the decimation tool would be nice. Make it so it doesn't destroy the UV map and makes intelligent edgeloop deletion instead of turning everything into a sloppy mess of tris.
just use python
Yo but why would you ever use Hexagon in this day and age though? There are much better options.

Well it's free and very easy to use. That's a plus.
So is Blender, but Blender can be used for things that amount to being more than a collection of primitives.

There he is, That Guy.
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why the FUCK do they waste the little programmer resources they have on fucking DEAD Hexagon?!

how about unfucking Studio first?

They're probably planning to combine the two so that Daz will be a full function package.

Besides, Hexagon has one of the best UIs of any modelling software. It was killer stuff back in 2008 but it's sadly lacking in features and stability now. Bringing it up to date would mean they'd have software they could actually sell instead of just giving stuff away for free.
>They're probably planning to combine the two so that Daz will be a full function package.

That would be too good to be true. We're talking about DAZ here.
Being able to do morphs inside Studio by moving around vertices directly without morph targets or even just "sculpt" the morphs would be fucking fantastic.

Doing morphs externally is a fucking pain due to the idiotic shit you have to keep in mind all the time when exporting and importing (measurements, turning off subdivs, resetting the whole figure, later turning the subdivs back on etc etc). Even if you think you did everything right there's still a high chance of the model suddenly distorting into an imploding planet and you don't know what the fuck went wrong.

Using Hexagon to make morphs is pretty easy though since Hex and Daz have built in bridges to each other.

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