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Anyone that uses a tablet so sculpt in Blender (or any program, really) able to offer advice on setup/key bindings?
Currently sculpting with a mouse and I find my fingers start to hurt close to the end of my work (about 8-10 hours). The only thing putting me off using my tablet/stylus is that it's a bit wonky trying to operate camera angles and stuff; just wondering if anyone else experienced that and/or has any solutions.
Thanks in advance.
Pic related.
Well, I use Max and have a hotkey assigned to orbit mode, which lets me just drag in the center of the screen to rotate around the model, not sure if Blender has a similar function.
You can also get one of those 3D manipulators, which is basically a dedicated camera control fob, and if you do, remember to change its settings in Blender and not the driver.
I remember some guy saying he bought one of those and everyone told him it's trash. Don't know anything about it, but just so you know. I guess just buying a decent tablet would be the better option.
I have binded my tablet to work with zbrush (ctrl, alt, shift, space), then i've configured hotkeys in blender to work like zbrush.
It's working like a charm for me.
...And i've wrote like a baguetfag
You HAVE to use a tablet at least in Zbrush.
Hard edge box modelling in 3D max doesn´t need it, especially for lowpoly models, but if you´re drawing textures or clay modelling organics you´ll need one.
There are techniques that doesn´t require tablets, but nowadays the name of the game is speed and should even consider a CINTIQ if you got the money.
Most people say they’re shit because it depends on how shit your program is at viewport manipulation in the first place, like most CAD.
Sculpting with a mouse is torture either way and a tablet is a much needed buy, so start with that. Don’t get a large size one as it’s more useful for painting but you really have to give your arm a workout just to go from corner to corner of your screen. Even a medium size might not be useful for sculpting, so just get a small tablet, it’ll leave more room on your table for other things.
If an Intuos is a bit too rich for you, try to get something from the Intuos line even if it’s an old used model, it’s still better than new chink shit. The old models are near-indestructible as well.
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I do hard surface modelling and when absolutely necessarily I'll sculpt. I find myself fighting the interface, so I'll lurk this thread.

I've been experimenting with retopologizing booleans and floating geometry. It may very well replace 99% of my needs for sculpting.
I'm sculpting with a mouse for now (tried both characters and things like rocks and such), and surprisingly, I don't mind it at all. It is pretty comfortable. I'm not sure why that is the case though, since I remember when I was drawing some comics years ago, that I was fucking mad over the fact how hard it is to draw with a mouse. But sculpting? No problems at all. Still, if I get more into it, I'll probably buy some tablet one day, it can only get better, it's just that it is not necessary for me.

But I have to somewhat agree with this one
>You HAVE to use a tablet at least in Zbrush.
I was sculpting in Zbrush with a mouse, and while I could navigate it just fine, it WAS a bit painful - it's just not designed for the mouse. That's actually the reason why I'm mostly sculpting in Blender at the moment, and I have to say that I'm loving it.
Nothing will replace sculpting for me. I actually have a feeling that I'm doing art when I'm sculpting, while I don't feel like that when I'm moving vertices around. You can't ignore it for any kind of organics anyway.
just use blender
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here we go again
Not really sure how this is relevant at all.
Guess you're just trying to be funny. Or something. Have a pity (You).
OP here, I've been playing around with setups and really the only thing that seems to be worthwhile is putting the camera controls onto the thumb/shaft buttons and assigning shift, ctrl and alt to the side buttons.
Will keep experimenting with other setups though. Trial and error takes a while since you gotta use any given setup a few times before you can really make any kind of reasonable judgement.
>anyone that uses a tablet to sculpt
should stop and learn to code.
>Model with code
Is this the new "just use blender" meme?
Don't see the point in these. My hand is already on the mouse. Why would I need this?
>Don't see the point in these. My hand is already on the mouse. Why would I need this?
Common misconception. If you’re right-handed and the mouse is in your right hand, then this thing goes in your left hand. You use both the joystick and the mouse simultaneously. https://youtu.be/C9lIYmkYrXk
The models with the hotkeys seem pretty useful as you don’t have to use the keyboard much if you map a lot of your usually functionality to them.
And here’s a video of someone messing around in Blender, which supports simultaneous manipulation and sculpting: https://youtu.be/ytWcCc58mKA

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