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What are his skills and techniques ?

What do you mean?
What skills were required to make the video?
What techniques could he have used to make the video?
It's hard to know without talking to the person directly.

As far as skills required, not many, by the looks of it. Other than the mo-cap it looks like a very simple scene.
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>Get model of person from Daz, Poser, MakeHuman, whatever
>Open zBrush, randomly mangle it up with no rhyme or reason
>Download mocap data and make it dance about to some flashing lights

Honestly, there's nothing special going on in what he does technically, if anything some of it is pretty stupid when you look at it. It's just his art direction, contacts and personal brand that makes it successful
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i think what makes his work stand out has a lot to do with the lighting, his use of sub surface scattering and his twisted almost child like style. You have to think it's the type of shit a very deranged child would skulpt out of clay. There are a lot of people who think they could do what he does but when they try it doesnt look the same (not necessarily bad) just not the same. To answer your question though, sculpting and texturing/lighting.
Even "bad" art can be made to be aesthetically pleasing.
At the end of the day, are is subjective. There is no "bad" or "good", only what is currently accepted as good or bad.
He at least has skill when it comes to working with what he's got and making it appeal to his fanbase.

Kanda uses displacement maps
why does it matter when the end results look the same as just random zbrush scribbling

literally looks like a random /3/ shitpost I wouldn't even bother to open.

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