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I'm not sure you need that much functionality in a grease pencil.

Of all the open source projects out there, Blender reeks the most of beaners and socialists. Why is that?
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>reeks the most of beaners and socialists
you're full retard.
beaners can't stay awake long enough to learn to right click.
socialists would fight to have all other forms of pay progs removed from the market.

blenderfags are just poor.
we the real america.
Blender has certain people trying to push it beyond just 3D.
It has a video editing system in it, which isn't half bad.
Honestly, if they want to make 2D animation suck less then I'm all for it.

Cancer killing /3/.
It can be useful for some sort of preview, like an advanced storyboard function
>Blender reeks the most of beaners and socialists
>beaners can't stay awake long enough to learn to right click.

Beaner here making $30 an hour modeling and rendering packaging and products.

>INB4 took muh jerb

In my experience, you young white boys are the laziest fucks. Always expecting diamonds for half assed work and trying to get the best jobs with little to no experience then crying wolf when some beaner with 5 years on you and a strong work ethic gets the spot.

Also, I use Blender and learned through Blender Guru. COME AT ME CRACKA!
i'm sorry, i can't hear you over my ability to create civilization and move humanity away from being savage tribes.
>my ability
Don't credit yourself for your ancestors accomplishments, anon.
Even being sub-human, the spic is better than your faggot ass.

But really, you're both idiots derailing from the original topic matter.

More to it than that, anon. You could leave notes for other people working on the project, in a 3D space, even. Shit's pretty cool.
>You could leave notes for other people working on the project, in a 3D space, even. Shit's pretty cool.
You can already do that.
More complexity isn't a bad thing though.
afaik we don't have animation on it yet.
And making the toolset better/more user friendly will allow for easier note writing and less fighting the fucking pencil tool before you just give up and write it down in notepad.
How inspirational. :'( I'm modeling a beautiful wall in your honor right now.
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The level of ignorance in this post. Can't even formulate a proper argument and has to resort to pride in someone else's accomplishments.

Pft ok, just make sure you know what side of it I am legally on gringo.
It's going to be made in Maya, then imported into Blender and then claimed to be made in Blender. As they usually do.

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